Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Court Denies Donaldson a Free Ride

Dave Donaldson has been a County Legislator for 20 years.  Although he wishes to remain a legislator, he apparently no longer wishes to have the trouble of actually competing for it.

Donaldson is being challenged by John Quigley, who has been endorsed by the Republican, Conservative, and Independence lines.  Rather than have an election, Donaldson went to court in an attempt to throw Quigley off the Republican and Conservative lines.  It is unknown why no such attempt has been made for the Independence lines.  Maybe it is because Donaldson is running a write-in primary for that line.

Donaldson claimed in court that Quigley was not a resident of the district.  However, after hearing testimony from numerous witnesses, the State Supreme Court Judge threw out the case.  John Quigley is indeed a resident of Orchard Street and may thus run for office.

One must wonder why a 20 year incumbent is trying to deny the voters a choice.  Donaldson proudly calls himself "pro choice".  I guess that is true only on the abortion issue as it is certainly not the case when it comes to elections.

I suspect residents of the 9th ward (who are part of this district) will remember the efforts of Mr. Halwick trying desperately to get Mrs. Brown off the ballot.  The voters responded by voting Mrs. Brown in overwhelmingly.  Could history repeat itself?


Anonymous said...

Donaldson and his brother think they are above eveyone. His brother has no clue as city chairman.

Anonymous said...

Donaldson should be more concern with his party's endorsement of a "carpetbagger" Nicky Woerner plunking down CLOSE to ward 4 in which he wants to represent. If you want to represent a ward you need to live there for awhile and not hours before you can begin to speak for the neighborhood. That is a blatant grab for a seat on the council. Throw Blaber in there too!

Anonymous said...

Is there a specific date that you must live in the district you are running for? Also, is there a definition to residency?

Anonymous said...

Nicky drives around the poorest neighborhoods in the city while driving an expensive Lincoln Town Car that says "Town of Ulster". This is not someone who should be representing a poor neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Hardly an expensive car....but it does look foolish