Monday, July 14, 2014

Congrats to Kevin Bryant

Earlier this evening, the Ulster County Conservative Party gave its endorsement to Kevin Bryant for Ulster County Family Court.

Thus far, three parties have chosen to endorse.  Two of them, Conservative and Working Families Party, have chosen to support Kevin Bryant.

I was very pleased to support Kevin tonight.  All three candidates who came before the committee were qualified for the position and are good attorneys.  I felt that Kevin was clearly the best of the three.  His personal story and his experience overall as an attorney were very compelling.

Bob East

Earlier this week, my friend, Bob East passed away.  He was one of the funniest men I have ever met.  He was the kind of guy who always had a joke at the ready.  He was also a guy who would give you the shirt off his back.

Rest well, Bob.

Monday, June 9, 2014

John Burridge

I have not been on the blog for a few days.  In that time, I learned of the passing of John Burridge, the former City Chair of the Conservative Party.

John was a very good and honest man.  He was a strong supporter of mine during both of my runs for Mayor.  He was the type of guy who was never afraid to speak his mind.

I will miss my friend, and I extend sympathy to his family.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Sell Out??

In New York politics. the Conservative Party is considered to be the party that maintains the principles of conservatism or "right wing" politics.

The Working Families Party has been considered the party that maintains the principles of liberalism or "left wing" politics.  However, just a few minutes ago, the Working Families Party sold out their principles and endorsed Andrew Cuomo for reelection.

To get the endorsement, Cuomo made a deal.  He promised certain leaders of the party to change his positions on certain issues and to take certain actions in exchange for the endorsement.  The State Chairman of the Republican Committee has called it a bribe and has asked for an investigation.  It will never happen.

One of the speakers at the Working Families Party convention, Susan Weber, said, "There's one problem with the deal.  He (Cuomo) lies!!"

Others at the convention booed loudly while others turned their back when Cuomo spoke before the convention via Skype.  Most, however, proclaimed loudly that the Working Families Party sold out.

Let's see if the vote total for that party goes up or down this year.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I have not been posting with any regularity in over two years.  Ever since Dad passed, I just found it difficult to really enjoy politics.  I focused on other matters and ended up writing a book about the Lindbergh Kidnapping.

The book, Hauptmann's Ladder, is still available at book stores, on Amazon, etc.  (Hint hint)  I am also working on a second book, but will keep the topic a secret for now.

Nevertheless, after a two year hiatus, I am returning to Kingston and Ulster County politics.  I was recently appointed City Chair for the Conservative Party and am looking forward to bringing the city committee back to prominence.

I have no intention of running for any position in the future other than those that can be held by attorneys, i.e judge positions, District Attorney, etc.  My involvement in any type of legislative or executive politics will remain in my capacity as City Chair.

As for city politics, I will offer commentary from time to time on this blog.  I have to admit that some of the insanity I have seen from the current Common Counsel has been very tempting to comment upon.  From this point forward, I will do so.

It is good to be back!!!

Kevin for Assembly!!

Before anyone is too shocked, I mean Kevin Roberts.

Truth be told, if I could make things happen in the best way possible, it would be Kevin Roberts vs Susan Zimet in the general election with Kevin Cahill losing in the primary.

Regardless, I will be supporting Mr. Roberts and will place his name into nomination at the County Conservative convention.  For those looking for a headline, how about . . .


Kind of confusing, huh?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Chairman in Town

For those who may not have heard, I am now the City Chairman of the Kingston Conservative Chairman.

Along with my 2 Vice Chairs, Bob Boughton and Don Ryan, we hope to reorganize the party and return it to its glory days.

We will not be loyal to any party except the Conservative party.  When Republicans, Democrats, or any candidate not enrolled in the Conservative Party comes before us, they will be judge on their policy positions.  Democrats will not be automatically rejected and Republicans will not be automatically be endorsed.  The candidates chosen will be the most conservative in each race.

The intention is for the Conservative Party to be a CONSERVATIVE party.  Novel concept, huh?