Monday, May 25, 2015

EXCLUSIVE -- Gross Incompetence of City Official

On May 5, 2015, a letter was sent to the Mayor and all members of the Common Council by Beth Hanigan, the President Elect of the Junior League.  This letter concerned complaints about the improper management of a grant by Steve Noble, candidate for Mayor.

In reliance upon Steve Noble's assurances, the Junior League incurred substantial expenses as part of the effort to rejuvenate the playground at Forsyth Park.  Unfortunately, as you will note when you read the attached documents, Steve Noble failed to follow proper regulations for this grant, failed to administer the grant, and frankly failed to do his job.  (You may have to enlarge the pictures to read them properly)

The bills incurred by the Junior League are now in collections.  Yet, Steve Noble is taking credit on social media for the grant.  Fortunately, as is also noted in the attached documents, Mayor Gallo was able to speak with the vendors and get them to hold off any collection efforts.  He has assured the Junior League that they will be reimbursed as promised by the city.

However, it remains to be seen if this can be done using the grants.  Due to the failure of Steve Noble to properly administer the grants, it is possible that that city taxpayers have to pick up the tab.

This is not the only instance of dereliction of duty.  The attached documents show yet more.

The city received correspondence from Maria Laza complaining that the Community Garden has been without water for 2 years.  Apparently, Steve Noble was supposed to follow up with Judy Hansen of the Water Department, but failed to do so.

There is also a problem with the grant request to extend the Beach Pavilion.  Also, due to a failure of Steve Noble to contact Mr. Schupp, the head of DPW, the project is unnecessarily delayed and the city may be on the hook financially once again.

Mayor Gallo, as noted on the final document, has suspended Steve Noble's administration of grants and ordered all documents turned over to Corporation Counsel, the City Purchasing Agent, and the City Comptroller.  I hope the city is not on the hook for more money due to ineptness.

These documents show gross incompetence with city taxpayers likely being the victims.  I write this article with a somewhat heavy heart,  I have known Steve Noble's uncle and aunt for many years. They have been friends with my mother and late father for over 30 years.  I consider both of them to be good, honest people.  I take no pleasure in writing this article about their nephew knowing the effect it will have upon them.

However, when someone runs for Mayor, particularly as a current city official, their competence and work performance is an issue for public scrutiny, especially if said failure to do the job correctly is costing or could cost the taxpayers money,  Thus, notwithstanding my respect for Steve's aunt and uncle, I must report this gross incompetence.

If I had won the election for Mayor and was currently sitting in the Mayor's chair, I would seriously consider whether or not to terminate Mr. Noble from his job.  The documentary evidence suggests that he is spending his time running for Mayor instead of doing his job.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stay Tuned -- A Big Exclusive is Coming

Over the next day or so, I will be exposing a scandal.

I have uncovered official city documents and other documentation which reflects very poorly on a city official.   The public should  be very upset when this comes out.   It shows outright incompetence on a very large scale.

This is an article that I am taking my time with. I hope to have it posted by Tuesday at the absolute latest.

Stay tuned.  It will definitely be worth the wait.

No Real Choices in Local Elections

In the City of Kingston, voters will likely have little or no choice this November for county or city offices.  Democrats will have some choices for some races on Primary Day.

City Democrats are greasing the skids (as noted in a prior posting) to try to force the nomination to Noble and Noble thus setting up a primary between them and Gallo and Provenzano.  Frankly, the latter is more likely to win the primaries though the Noble Provenzano race will be very interesting.  Gallo will trounce the younger Noble.

Republicans, however, seem to have little options.  I hope this will change, but right now City Republicans have only 1 confirmed Aldermanic candidate and 2 possibilities.  They have no Alderman-at-Large candidate and no Legislator candidates even though one district is wide open.

They have 2 possible Mayoral candidates with Ron Polacco likely to win either the nomination, the primary, or perhaps both.

On the county level, there are no challengers for any of the incumbents.  Holly Carnright and Judge McGinty have no challengers.  Mike Hein did have a challenger, but when that credible challenger went to the County Republicans, he was told he would get no support as the County Republicans refuse to offer any challenge to Mike Hein.  (This will likely be denied, but my information is very solid and is confirmed on this.)

It would appear that the only choices this year will be for City Democrats who will have several primaries.  Tom Hoffay and the extreme far left of the City Democrats are not only seeking to replace Gallo with a puppet they can control, but are also going after any of the incumbent Democrat Alderman that are perceived in any way as moderate or favorable in any way to Gallo.

While Republicans are sitting this one out (except for Ron Polacco), there is a civil war within the City Democrat Committee.  The old school Democrats (Gallo, Provenzano, and so forth) are being pressured by the far left contingency (Hoffay, Landi, Will, Dunn, etc.)  One might even refer to this battle as the Blue Collar Democrats versus far left (largely relocated NYC'ers).

Their battle could set up an interesting paradox and decision for the general election.  Suppose hypothetically that after the primaries, Gallo has the Democrat line, Noble has Working Families, Green, and Independence lines, and Polacco has Republican and Conservative.  The question becomes whether Hoffay and his merry band of left wing fringe decide that defeating Gallo is more important than having four years of Republican control of the Mayor's office.  If all 3 candidates run hard in such a scenario, Polacco would have an outside shot of pulling off the upset.

As I watch all of this stuff, all I can think is ......what the hell has happened to the City of Kingston?  What happened to honor?  When will the Republicans drop their current leader and actually put up a fight?  And perhaps more strange still -- why on God's green Earth is anyone even listening to Tom Hoffay anymore?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Len Cane

Sad to learn of the passing of Len Cane.

Len was well known for his wit and charm.  Many people left events where Len spoke with their sides aching from laughter.

He is a person I will always remember fondly.  Rest well, Len.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hudson Valley Senators Betray Upstate New York.

Capital New York interview various Senators and has confirmed the exact vote of the Republican conference on the selection of the Majority Leader.

The vote was 18 to 15. I knew of 5 Upstate Republicans who betrayed their Upstate constituents. Turns out that there were 6 of them, including all 3 from the Hudson Valley, committed this act of betrayal.

Yes, folks. Senator Bill Larkin, Senator John Bonacic, and Senator Jim Seward all betrayed us. They all confirmed to Capital New York that they sided with New York City and Long Island by voting for Flanagan.

For years, I have heard these 3 men complain about how Upstate never gets any respect. Now, when we had the chance to have an Upstate Senator be Majority Leader and have a seat at the table, they betrayed us all.

Senator Seward was quoted as saying, "My natural inclination was to support him if he had the
votes.  But it became apparent by the time I had my chance to vote that he was going to fall short. So I thought it was important to begin to coalesce behind Senator Flanagan, so I voted for him.”

Note -- Seward said he would have supported the Upstate Senator "if he had the votes".  In other words, rather than take a stand and offer support, he intended to wait to see who was going to win and then suck up big time.  What integrity!

The only Hudson Valley Senators who stood up for New York State were Serino and Amedore.  The other 3 betrayed us.  I for one will NEVER forget this treachery.

2 Democrats Announce for County Legislator

Jeanette Provenzano announced her intentions to seek the position of Alderman-at-Large.  Almost immediately, 2 Democrats have announced their intention to seek the position.

Jennifer Schwartz Berky, former Ulster County Deputy Director of Planning, has announced.  Right after, Brian Woltman, the City Purchasing Agent, announced his plans to run.

According to the Daily Freeman, Jeanette Provenzano is supporting Brian Woltman.

No Republican has announced.  Interestingly, both of the candidates planning to run for Mayor live in this district.  I know for certain that Ron Polacco intends to run for Mayor and has no interest in the County Legislator.  I have not spoken with Scott DiMicco and thus do not know his thoughts or plans.

As far as the 2 declared Democrats, I do not know Ms. Berky, so I have no opinion.  I do know Brian Woltman.  Although he and i disagree on almost every issue imaginable, I know that he is a true believer.  He takes liberal or progressive positions because that is what he believes.  So, while I do not agree with him about 99% of the time, I do respect his willingness to stay with his beliefs.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Upstate Gets the Shaft Yet Again

Dean Skelos stepped down.  The 33 member Republican conference met behind closed doors to pick a new leader.  With 21 of the 33 members from Upstate New York, surely the winner would be Senator DeFrancisco from Upstate and not Senator Flanagan from Long Island.  Right?


Senator Flanagan apparently got at least 5 Upstate Senators to betray Upstate New York and their constituents and support downstate.  Once again, Upstate New York got the shaft.

Even though he was betrayed, Senator DeFrancisco showed party unity by nominating Flanagan once they went on the floor.  He has also refused to identify which Senators betrayed Upstate.

So, who are these Benedict Arnolds?  According to CapitalNewYork .com, one of them was Senator Cathy Young of Olean.  There are already threats of a primary against her and rightfully so.

I am urging all New York Upstaters to contact their Senators and demand to know who they supported.

The Buffalo news reports that another turncoat is Senator Michael Nozzolio.

There are claims being made that Senator Seward supported Flanagan though I cannot get any confirmation of that.  It is a claim by a prominent politico on Twitter (not a great source I admit).

Who are the others?  Who else betrayed Upstate New York?  What did they get in return?

Call your Senators and demand to know.


The New York Post is reporting that there were 4 Upstate Turncoats: Nozzolio, Young, Hugh Farley, and Bill Larkin who once represented Kingston.  If true, these 4 have betrayed their constituents and all of Upstate New York.