Friday, October 9, 2015

Fined for Ethics Violation

Alderman Brad Will has been fined $1000 for violating the city ethics law based upon his votes concerning the Pike Plan.  The Ethics Board also instructed the Alderman at Large to issue a written reprimand.

Basically, the Common Council was reviewing questions of whether repairs were needed to the Pike Plan canopies or whether there were problems with its construction.

Alderman Will is an architect and he designed the plan for reconstruction of the plan.  So, he voted on a review of his own work.  This is a clear and obvious conflict.

Will's defense was basically that he did know any better.  However, it is clear and obvious that you cannot ethically do an independent review of your own work.

To my knowledge, this is the first major finding by the Ethics Board.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Return of Sottile

Apparently, if elected, Steve Noble plans to create a Deputy Mayor position and pay said position $110,000.00 plus benefits.

Basically, he plans to spend enough money to raise taxes by 1% on its own.  This person will do the job of Mayor because Steve is not capable.

To make things worse, word is he plans to hire Jim Sottile.  Kingston thought they were done with the drink thrower.  Looks like he is coming back.

I can think of no better reason to vote Polacco than this news.

Let's see if Freeman explores this story.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Your Bias is Showing

Now the Freeman is printing stories advertising political events being held by Steve Noble, ie his "listening tour".

I am aware of some events held by Ron Polacco.  I did not, however, see any stories in the Freeman about those events.

It is clear and obvious bias.  If you do not think there is a left wing bias at the Freeman, just check out some of the things posted on numerous online sources by their various editors.

I exempt Paul Kirby from my comments.  I have always found him to be very fair.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Legislator Chris Allen Arrested

Legislator Chris Allen, the self proclaimed "most respected elected official in Ulster County" was arrested and charged with misdemeanor Assault according to State Police in Catskill.

He is accused of assaulting a teacher in front of her students causing a nasty cut on the back of her neck.   Incredibly, Allen claims the wound was self-inflicted for political purposes.  An asinine explanation for sure.

Let's see if either the Republicans or the Democrats call for his resignation.

As far as I am concerned, he needs to stop accusing the victim and be a man and admit what he did.  Then, he should step down as a legislator.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chaos in Saugerties Legislative Race.

It seemed the race was over.  A republican forced an OTB and while he and the endorsed Republican split the vote, Democrat Chris Allen won the OTB and took the line.  This left just Angie Minew on the Con and Reform lines.

Looked over until yesterday.

Several news sources report that the State Police are investigating allegations that Allen assaulted a teacher in the presence of her students.

The teacher, a member of a well known and respected Saugerties family, says that Allen grabbed her ID tag hanging from her neck and pulled her causing a 3 inch cut on the back of her neck.

Allen admits an argument though he asserts that he was an absolute gentlemen.  He says he gently touched the ID but denies pulling it.  Allen claims it is a Republican conspiracy against him.

Two questions.  First, if Allen did nothing wrong, why do witnesses say Allen was name dropping when the Police arrived?

Second, there is a picture of a nasty cut on the woman's neck on the Freeman web site.  What caused that?

Are we to believe this lady lacerated her own neck as part of the plot??

The photo of the cut seriously undermines Allen's version of events.

Perhaps the Dems and the Reps should be asking this man to step down.  This kind of behavior is just not acceptable.




I was joking when I said that Allen would accuse the victim of cutting herself.  However, the Freeman has amended its story.  It seems that Legislator Allen has now formally accused the teacher of cutting herself as part of the plot.

Based on that, I conclude that Mr. Allen is either stupid, crazy, or both.  Accusing this lady of cutting herself is beyond farfetched.  It is assinine.

Both the Reps and Dems should condemn this man publicly.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's Keep It Clean

If someone wants to post an opinion on Kingston politics, go right ahead.

However, vulgarities, accusations of criminal activity without proof, or just plain vicious personal attacks are not welcome here.

This blog encourages intelligent discussion.  If you want to swear or act like a fool, there are other blogs who publish such rubbish.  Go post there.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gallo Brings Administrative Charges Against Noble

Mayor Gallo announced that he is bringing administrative charges against Steve Noble for incompetence, dereliction of duty, and for making false statements on grant applications.  In other words, Gallo is starting the process to fire Noble.

Let's be clear, if Noble wins the Mayor's office, he will just discontinue the efforts to fire him and then be granted back pay.  Gallo knows this.  Thus, I have to conclude that this is more of an effort to bring down Noble politically than it is an effort to actually fire him.

By doing it this way, Gallo does not endorse anyone in the race, but works to keep the damaging allegations against Noble in front of the public.

I expect that Noble will still not answer the charges.  After all, they are absolutely true.  I have seen the evidence.  Instead, he will respond in a Clintonian manner.  He will deny wrong doing, claim political retribution by his accuser, claim it is "old news", etc., etc., etc.

The only question now is whether Ron Polacco can get enough votes on Rep, Con, and Ind lines and Gallo's supporters either stay home, write in Gallo, or vote Polacco in enough numbers to give Polacco a narrow win.

Polacco has one other thing for which he must be careful.  He must NOT associate with any of the underhanded political operatives who either will or already have offered their assistance.  While the Conservative City Committee is backing Polacco's candidacy, this would change if he decided to associate his campaign with someone like Blaber.  If that happened, the Conservative Committee would come out against Ron immediately and publicly.

However, I am confident that Ron is politically savvy enough not do something that colossally stupid.  As such, I expect the Conservative Committee will maintain its support for Ron.  Now, let's see if he can pull it off.  He has a real chance, i.e no incumbent, a split democrat party, allegations against his opponent, etc.  It is a real opportunity.