Saturday, February 18, 2017

Once Again, Council Will Ignore Their Own Rules

Alderwoman Mills is learning that rules mean nothing to the Council majority.

Mills pointed out that once legislation is defeated at a Council meeting, only someone who voted on the prevailing side may make a motion to reconsider.

I can tell you Noble has enforced this rule in the past.  However, since he wants the legislation to pass, he is now ruling the other way saying that as long as a majority of the Council wants to pass it, it is permitted.

Now, the Corporation Council has issued a ruling backing this nonsense.  He has no choice because if he does not, the Mayor can replace him.

So, now the Council will pass the kiosk legislation even though Council rules do not permit it.    No vote to change the rules.  The rules just get ignored.

This has happened before.  Rules state no debate on a motion to table.  Noble enforced that rule against me when I was on the Council.  However, when democrats recently wanted to do so, he allowed it.

I can list 5 or 6 other examples including one time where a majority wanted to pass something, but Noble did not like it, so he just took it off the calendar announcing he would not allow the Council to pass it.

I am not angry about all of this.  I actually laughed out loud when I read the article about it.  I have known for sometime that liberals do not give a whit about rules, elections, or even fair play.  They just want to advance their agenda no matter what.

This is how government works in Kingston and has for a long time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Remember in November

The Common Council approved the sanctuary city resolution by a wide margin.

The crowd contained large numbers of people brought in from outside the city who cheered at the slightest sound in favor of the resolution.

I am certain that many passed Kingstonians are flipping in their graves as we speak.

If Kingston has any real future other than being an extension of New Paltz and New York City, we must replace these Aldermen who did not oppose this legislation.

It is either that or we surrender Kingston as we have known it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Guess I Haven't Lost My Touch

I publish an article criticizing the Freeman for not publishing the Sheriff's press release from some time ago expressing his opposition to the sanctuary city.

What happens?  Within 48 hours, they publish it, though they make it seem like the Sheriff approves.  You have to read 3/4 of the article before it becomes clear that he opposes it.

Glad I still have an effect with my blog, though the Freeman will of course deny it. We all know better though.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Daily Freeman -- Your Bias is Showing

Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I expect my local paper to be print both sides of a debate and allow the readers to decide for themselves.  Unfortunately, it appears the Daily Freeman does not support this idea.

Just before Christmas, the Freeman posted a story about how Kingston Police Chief Tinti supports the Sanctuary City resolution.  However, they have refused to print the story picked up by the Middletown Record announcing that the chief law enforcement officer in Ulster County, our Sheriff, has come out strongly against the proposal.

Why would you post the Police Chief being in favor, but ignore the Sheriff being against it?  The left wing bias of the Daily Freeman is showing badly.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Sanctuary?? A Call to Arms

I have not posted in quite some time.  However, recent events make it necessary to post again.

Recently, Mayor Noble announced his intention to make Kingston a sanctuary city.  A sanctuary city, for those who do not know, is a city that announces publicly that illegal immigrants will not be arrested or detained for violating federal immigration law.

On January 10th at 7 p.m., there will be a Common Council Meeting where the Mayor's resolution will be discussed and likely voted open.  The public will be allowed to speak on the matter as well.

A few thoughts.  First, the Aldermen and the Mayor took an oath to faithfully defend and protect the laws and Constitution of the United States and State of New York, as well as the laws and Charter of the City of Kingston.  To vote for this resolution is a direct violation of that oath.

Second, President-Elect Trump has announced his intention to deny federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities.  As of January 20th, he will have the power to back that up.  How, pray tell, will the Mayor and Council make up for the loss of federal funds?  There are only 2 ways. Either they lay off firemen, policemen, and/or city employees; or, they raise property taxes.  Either way, we citizens and taxpayers take it in the neck yet again.

Finally, if a person is not held on a federal immigration warrant because of the sanctuary city policy and he or she subsequently commits a crime, what will the Mayor and Council have to say to the victim or the victim's family?  If God forbid, the person not arrested on said warrant commits a murder (it has happened before), how will the Mayor and Council get the victim's blood off their hands?

I know that the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants do not commit crimes and just are seeking a better life.  The number who commit violent crimes are between 2% and 5% which seems like a small number.  However, when you consider that there are supposedly 6 million illegal immigrants currently in the country, then a range of 2% to 5% is 120,000 to 300,000.  That's just too damn many.

I urge Kingstonians to do 2 things.  First, show up at the meeting and express your opposition.  (Know that the Mayor will have numerous plants  ready to speak in favor.)  

Second, tell your Alderman that if he or she votes for this resolution, you will vote against him or her.  Neither the Mayor nor ANY of the Aldermen ran on the idea of making Kingston a sanctuary city.  This is a bad idea and it needs to be defeated.  This is not Democrat versus Republican.  (One Alderwoman from each party has announced opposition).  This is about the future of Kingston.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DiFalco Replaces Bernardo

Joe DiFalco is apparently the new Ulster County Independence Party Chairman reports Mid Hudson News.

This is major political news and could have major ramifications in next year's local elections.

Here is the article from Mid Hudson News.

DiFalco to chair Ulster County Independence Party committee
KINGSTON – Third party politics in Ulster County will shift direction next week, when Independence Party member Joseph DiFalco assumes control of the interim county committee.

A brief meeting has been scheduled for October 3, at Broadway Lights Diner, where DiFalco hopes to usurp the post from his longstanding rival. The official notices were served at the party’s state convention in mid-September.

DiFalco said he plans a very brief meeting, no longer than 15 minutes, to take over the county chairmanship.  “We’re not ordering any food, just a glass of water with lemon,” he said.

The current interim chairman, Len Bernardo, wielded considerable influence during his tenure, facilitating the election of his wife Terry into the county legislature, then legislative chairwoman. After losing her bid for a second term on the legislature, Mrs. Bernardo ran unsuccessfully against Michael Hein for county executive in 2015.
DiFalco, who leads the Independence Party within the City of Kingston, quietly assumed a position on the state committee this month, and used that opportunity to call a re-organizational meeting for the county committee.
Bernardo, who lives in the Town of Rochester, also sits on the state committee, in a separate senatorial district. He is additionally a member-at-large of the executive committee.

DiFalco, however, holds more weighted votes than Bernardo, and therefore decides local cross-endorsements. For the next two years, DiFalco will apparently be running the show.

Under Independence Party rules, members of the state committee choose who serves as interim county chairman. Ulster County is divided into several state senatorial districts, votes are weighted according to the last gubernatorial vote.

The Independence Party ballot line typically carries several hundred votes per municipality. Any election with a slim margin can be clinched by an Independence Party cross-endorsement.

Until now, that coveted political power was firmly wielded by Len Bernardo – who strongly favored Republican candidates.
DiFalco’s wife Ellen, currently a Democrat, previously served as confidential secretary to Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo; and also was former clerk of the county legislature.

Mr. DiFalco played a key role in unseating Third Ward Kingston Alderman Brad Will in an ethics scandal last year. DiFalco continues to pursue further ethics charges against the mayor and city attorney, while officials scramble to rewrite the law.

A retired New York City Teamster, DiFalco frequents City Hall meetings wearing shorts and a fisherman hat, irking factional Democrats with his abrasive Archie Bunker mannerisms.

Opponents expressed discontent at DiFalco’s ascension."

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Walter Maxwell

Sad to hear of the passing of Walter Maxwell.

He was the driving force behind Kingston Community Radio.

A nice guy who will be missed.