Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Conservative Convention Results

Earlier this evening, the Ulster County Conservative Committee met to decide on candidates.

At the very beginning, Kyle Barnett spoke and announced he was withdrawing from the race for Surrogate's Court and was supporting Mr. Matera.  He expressed his desire to see Conservative judges and did not want to see a split ticket. He got a large ovation.

In accepting the endorsement, Mr. Matera thanked Barnett for his kind words and for running "an honorable campaign".

The Committee endorsed Jack Hayes, a retired Trooper and former County Legislator, to challenge Kevin Cahill for Assembly.

Senator Amedore was also endorsed.

However, by a large margin, the County Conservatives refused to endorse John Bonacic citing his less than conservative voting record and his support of a downstate Senator for Majority Leader over the Upstate candidate.

By an even larger margin, the County Committee refused to endorse Bill Larkin.  The Committee also cited his betrayal of Upstate New York as well as his support for a left wing liberal Congressman in Orange County.

To be clear, since both districts are multi-county, it is likely that the State Committee will overrule the County and award the nominations to Bonacic and Larkin.  However, the County Committee sent a strong message to both Senators.

The Committee also endorsed Senator Seward and newcomers Maria Kelso and Bill Benucci for Assembly seats.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Conservative Convention on Tuesday

County Conservatives meet Tuesday night to decide on various races.

There could be fireworks over some State Senate endorsements.  Amedore should be fine, but many Conservatives are furious with Larkin, Seward, and particularly Bonacic.  If these 3 even show up, they can expect tough questions.

The most interesting fight will be for County Surtogate's Court.  Matera and Graf were each expected to win their party's endorsement and did.

Kyle Barnett intends to primary.  No word on McGinty yet.

Look for Matera and Barnett to battle it out with Matera going in to the convention with the advantage.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mayor Dissolves Ethics Board

The headline of this article says it all.  The entire Ethics Board has been dissolved by the Mayor with no real explanation.

Frankly, this is an outrage.  It does not pass the smell test.  The Ethics Board made significant findings against a former Alderman and major supporter of the Mayor and he dissolves the Board.

It almost sounds like a scene from a cheap supermarket novel.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Mayor Noble hired a new grants manager.  However, instead of following the contract and placing her at Step 1, he placed her at Step 6.  Having gone through the CSEA process himself, the Mayor was fully aware of the process.  Yet, it was ignored.

Basically, she was paid more than she was entitled under the contract, i.e. a gift of public funds.

In the Freeman article, the Mayor said he knew nothing about the complaints.  I happen to know, however, that CSEA President left multiple messages for the Mayor on this matter that were not returned.

Howard Baul, a higher level union official, is planning to request documentation (I presume through FoIL) about the hiring.  Perhaps he should look at the time records recorded and actual hours worked.  He might find something interesting.  You just never know.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scandal from NYC to Kingston

The New York State Board of Elections referred a potential criminal matter to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office allegedly involving NYC Mayor DeBlasio and 3 Democratic County Committees including Ulster County.

The allegations are basically that Mayor DeBlasio and his supporters funneled $1.2 million to 3 different Democrat County Committees with the express intent of bypassing individual donor limits for 3 State Senate races.

The limits for donations to a County Committee are much higher than for an individual candidate.  While the amounts donated were within the law, the portion that violates the law is if/when the donation was a sham and was actually directly intended for a particular candidate.

In Ulster County, the candidate was Cecelia Tkaczyk.  One of the most damning pieces of evidence is an email from Matthew Lerch, the Treasurer for Tkaczyk's campaign.  The email was sent to Hayes Clement, the treasurer for the Ulster County Democratic Committee.  The email said, "Has the check for 60K cleared?  Below is our banking info, we need the 60 transferred over ASAP please."

Why is this so damning?  Well, $60,000 is over 5 times the legal limit for a donation for the race.  Moreover, the email shows that the Tkaczyk campaign knew about the donation and knew that the donation was actually intended for them.

The interesting thing will be to see if what if any deals are made with people to build a case against DBlasio and his people.  Hayes Clement and Matthew Lerch are likely small fish and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office is looking to land a whale.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Waiting on NY

Primary results will be known in a few hours.  Should be interesting on both sides.

I cannot help this nagging feeling that an upset could be in the realm of possibility on the Dem side.

Results later.


Sanders destroyed Clinton in Ulster County, but lost the State.

On the Republican side, Trump won big.  Moreover, thanks to the fool Kasich staying in the race, Trump cleared 90 delegates.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Brad Will Resigns

Officially, Brad Will resigned over concerns over possible conflicts of interest with his career.

I find this odd.  I have seen Aldermen recuse themselves on votes.  I did so.  Bob Senor did so.  Others did so.  Why can't Will simply abstain??

Rumors abound about possible "real" reasons for the resignation.