Saturday, August 13, 2016

Walter Maxwell

Sad to hear of the passing of Walter Maxwell.

He was the driving force behind Kingston Community Radio.

A nice guy who will be missed.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Teachout, after running a primary against Cuomo and telling anyone who would listen, how bad he is, has now apparently accepted Cuomo's endorsement!!


Trump Picks Pence

Trump has chosen Governor Pence to be his running mate.

I am not a big fan of Mr. Trump.  I am a fan of Governor Pence though.

So, now I will hold my nose and vote for Trump.  Then, if Hillary is defeated, I will pray for Impeachment to give us President Pence.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ginsburg Crosses an Ethical Line

Judges do not comment on politics.  It is an axiom, a clear rule, and an ethical mandate.
Yet, Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has violated this rule by publicly attacking Donald Trump.  In so doing, she has crossed an ethical line.

This behavior is disgraceful.  Judges are supposed to be neutral.  What if the Trump vs Clinton race ends up before the Court?  She must now recuse herself and the Court will be hampered.

Even liberals who despise Trump have criticized Ginsburg for her comments.

I have great respect for Judges (Yes, even the liberal ones).   To see a Justice behave this way is truly disappointing.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Conservative Convention Results

Earlier this evening, the Ulster County Conservative Committee met to decide on candidates.

At the very beginning, Kyle Barnett spoke and announced he was withdrawing from the race for Surrogate's Court and was supporting Mr. Matera.  He expressed his desire to see Conservative judges and did not want to see a split ticket. He got a large ovation.

In accepting the endorsement, Mr. Matera thanked Barnett for his kind words and for running "an honorable campaign".

The Committee endorsed Jack Hayes, a retired Trooper and former County Legislator, to challenge Kevin Cahill for Assembly.

Senator Amedore was also endorsed.

However, by a large margin, the County Conservatives refused to endorse John Bonacic citing his less than conservative voting record and his support of a downstate Senator for Majority Leader over the Upstate candidate.

By an even larger margin, the County Committee refused to endorse Bill Larkin.  The Committee also cited his betrayal of Upstate New York as well as his support for a left wing liberal Congressman in Orange County.

To be clear, since both districts are multi-county, it is likely that the State Committee will overrule the County and award the nominations to Bonacic and Larkin.  However, the County Committee sent a strong message to both Senators.

The Committee also endorsed Senator Seward and newcomers Maria Kelso and Bill Benucci for Assembly seats.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Conservative Convention on Tuesday

County Conservatives meet Tuesday night to decide on various races.

There could be fireworks over some State Senate endorsements.  Amedore should be fine, but many Conservatives are furious with Larkin, Seward, and particularly Bonacic.  If these 3 even show up, they can expect tough questions.

The most interesting fight will be for County Surtogate's Court.  Matera and Graf were each expected to win their party's endorsement and did.

Kyle Barnett intends to primary.  No word on McGinty yet.

Look for Matera and Barnett to battle it out with Matera going in to the convention with the advantage.