Saturday, February 18, 2017

Once Again, Council Will Ignore Their Own Rules

Alderwoman Mills is learning that rules mean nothing to the Council majority.

Mills pointed out that once legislation is defeated at a Council meeting, only someone who voted on the prevailing side may make a motion to reconsider.

I can tell you Noble has enforced this rule in the past.  However, since he wants the legislation to pass, he is now ruling the other way saying that as long as a majority of the Council wants to pass it, it is permitted.

Now, the Corporation Council has issued a ruling backing this nonsense.  He has no choice because if he does not, the Mayor can replace him.

So, now the Council will pass the kiosk legislation even though Council rules do not permit it.    No vote to change the rules.  The rules just get ignored.

This has happened before.  Rules state no debate on a motion to table.  Noble enforced that rule against me when I was on the Council.  However, when democrats recently wanted to do so, he allowed it.

I can list 5 or 6 other examples including one time where a majority wanted to pass something, but Noble did not like it, so he just took it off the calendar announcing he would not allow the Council to pass it.

I am not angry about all of this.  I actually laughed out loud when I read the article about it.  I have known for sometime that liberals do not give a whit about rules, elections, or even fair play.  They just want to advance their agenda no matter what.

This is how government works in Kingston and has for a long time.