Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Not Eligible

Some of you may have noticed that Jeremy Blaber posted on this blog on March 3rd declaring his intention to run for Kingston City GOP Chair.  He even posted a link to yet another blog he created for his intended run.

However, I checked with the Board of Elections.  Although Jeremy changed his enrollment, he did it too late.  It will not take effect until after the November elections this year.

So, until that time, Blaber remains an enrolled Democrat and is thus not legally eligible to be a Republican Committeemen let alone City Chair.  You would think an experienced politico would know this, wouldn't you?

Additionally, John Quigley has withdrawn his candidacy for City GOP Chair after speaking with County Chair Rascoe.

Joe Ingarra, a man I like and respect, will be the City Chair.  Joe will do a good job.

 I must admit though that I despise seeing the County Committee take an active role in the selection of City or town chairs.

Joe or John would both do great jobs.  The pick should have been by the City Committee without influence from County.  But, as they say, that's pollybiz.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Conservatives With Kirschner

The City of Kingston Conservative Committee is proud to offer our endorsement to Judge Kirschner in his bid for election to the now full time position of City Judge.

"Judge Kirschner has demonstrated integrity, ethics, and solid judgment in his service as Judge," City Chairman, Richard T. Cahill Jr., said, "his reputation is solid and well earned."