Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Voters Have a Right to Know

The Ulster Town Board is holding a special meeting this Tuesday to decide whether to grant FOIL requests to release a police dash cam video of a traffic stop of Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky.

Allegedly, during this stop, Berky treated the officer in a nasty and disrespectful tone.  She also played the old "don't you know who I am" routine, dropping various names such as the Sheriff.

Her behavior was so outrageous that media outlets want to hear and see the video.

Berky has hired a lawyer who is asking the Board to wait until after the election before releasing it.

Sorry, Ms. Berky, but the people have a right to know how their legislator behaves and treats others in public.  You obviously feel that you are better than the average person because you have won an election and thus should not be subject to speeding laws like everyone else.

Hubris, arrogance, and condescension.