Friday, March 17, 2017

Just a Thought

We are all still digging out from that monster storm.

Many people are upset about the plowing in the city.

What does the Mayor talk about during his radio broadcast?

He talks about putting in bike paths in the city!!


This administration needs to stop worrying about federal immigration issues, bike paths, and so forth.  Between those two things and attempts to raise parking fees and charging for municipal lots, businesses are going to be forced out.

The focus needs to be the nuts and bolts of the city.  Strengthen DPW, give fire and police departments the tools they need to keep our city safe.  Our infrastructure needs repair.

Stop worrying about bike paths and Donald Trump.  Be the mayor of Kingston and put Kingston at the top of the agenda.

I know neither the Mayor nor Council majority will listen, but at least I can rant and feel a little better for a few minutes.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Ridiculous Letter From Democrats

Alderman Scott-Childress wrote a letter to the editor and got a bunch of Democrat committeemen to sign it.  (Of course he lacked the courage to sign it himself).

In this letter, he claimed that Alderwoman Brown and Mills are "sabotaging" the budget by voting no.

First of all, 2 Alderman alone do not have that power.  Seven Aldermen and the Mayor working together cannot be overruled.  As such, his assertion is asinine.

What is the real point of the letter then?  Well, the Democrats tried last city election to primary Alderwoman Mills, but lost.  Obviously, they intend to try again.

Mills is a moderate to conservative Democrat.  This is something the Democrat Committee will not tolerate.  They expect their members to vote left wing only.  The so-called party of tolerance allows no contrary opinion.

The second reason for the letter is to create a scapegoat.  City voters ate extremely unhappy with the Council majority.

So, clearly Democrats intend to try to blame Mills and Brown by falsely claiming they were blocked from their goals.

Think about how ridiculous such an assertion is.  How can 2 Alderman block anything?  Legally, they can block nothing.

This is just another political stunt from intolerant far left wingers who have accomplished nothing and who are hurting our city.