Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Ridiculous Letter From Democrats

Alderman Scott-Childress wrote a letter to the editor and got a bunch of Democrat committeemen to sign it.  (Of course he lacked the courage to sign it himself).

In this letter, he claimed that Alderwoman Brown and Mills are "sabotaging" the budget by voting no.

First of all, 2 Alderman alone do not have that power.  Seven Aldermen and the Mayor working together cannot be overruled.  As such, his assertion is asinine.

What is the real point of the letter then?  Well, the Democrats tried last city election to primary Alderwoman Mills, but lost.  Obviously, they intend to try again.

Mills is a moderate to conservative Democrat.  This is something the Democrat Committee will not tolerate.  They expect their members to vote left wing only.  The so-called party of tolerance allows no contrary opinion.

The second reason for the letter is to create a scapegoat.  City voters ate extremely unhappy with the Council majority.

So, clearly Democrats intend to try to blame Mills and Brown by falsely claiming they were blocked from their goals.

Think about how ridiculous such an assertion is.  How can 2 Alderman block anything?  Legally, they can block nothing.

This is just another political stunt from intolerant far left wingers who have accomplished nothing and who are hurting our city.


Anonymous said...

Well said Rich. Only a complete idiot would believe otherwise.
We need more alderwomen like Mills and Brown.

Andrew Champ-Doran said...


You are absolutely right on every point. I have a few important points to consider.

-The Common Council twice failed to get the 6 votes required to pass the kiosk bonding. That means that the signers failed to mention at least two Aldermen/women who "undermine our recent, tax-reducing, smart-spending city budget.” Why?

Who are they trying to serve by omitting the name of Alderman Koop, who was not at the first vote, or Alderwoman Dawson, who voted against?

Why attack only Mills and Brown?

-Alderman-at-Large Noble placed the item on the agenda without the votes to pass it. That turned out to be a mistake. When he tried to bring it up for a vote again, he was in violation of the Council's rules, and Alderwoman Mills called him on it. This vote and re-vote until you get the outcome you want is exactly why those rules are in place

-Mayor Noble submitted a budget that appears to rely on income from these kiosks. Without that funding already in place, and without the now at least four or five months of planned income, the Mayor is at least partially responsible for "sabotaging the city budget." It's just poor budgeting to do so.

-Alderman Rennie Scott-Childress wrote this letter, and has admitted to doing so. I don't see how not signing it somehow does not "...cause division amongst the members of the city’s Common Council". I would hope my Alderman did not accept his position on the Common Council to let others take responsibility for his actions.

The Mayor appointed the un-elected Scott-Childress to his seat. Did the Mayor put him on the Council to represent the 3rd Ward, or the Kingston Democratic Committee?

The signers try to establish that the minority votes of these Alderwomen are the same as the chaos and confusion caused by the Trump administration. This amounts to pure bullying and name calling, a smear campaign to shut down and quiet those who ask reasonable questions and disagree with you on an issue. Hmmm...I believe THAT is a tried and true Trump tactic.

-Andy Champ-Doran

Anonymous said...

We are now going to have a $200,000.00 shortfall with this budget. What services does he cut to make up the difference?
Citi bus? Curbside refuse pick up? Start charging for curbside pick up of refuse? Increase other fees to offset the lose?

Bad move by this young and inexperienced administration as well as the good ol boys common council. What's the old saying "don't put the cart before the horse".

Anonymous said...

Very good opinion Andy. I read where a comment on one of the blogs said that perhaps Mills and Brown are the party of NO LABELS. A great way to be truly the voices of the residents. It shows that republicans and Democrats can work together if one ignores the iron fists of party committee people. In this case it is the Democratic Party who may rue the day they bullied these two council members. Most people do not like bullies. I always felt that women knew more about handling money as they are usually the "finance manager" of their own family's budget. My wife does! She knows how to do more with less. (take a lesson, Mayor Noble)

Kind of ironic that today is a Women's Recognition Movement proclaimed by the Democratic party and here they are locally doing the bullying. All the more reason to doubt the democratic party agenda and motives. It is all about keeping the elite at the head of the table as they know best for the rest of the party but don't have a clue what is really going on with the rest of their membership. Worse is they may not care .... Being a moderate democrat for most of my life I have had to re evaluate my allegiance to this party. The article in the Freeman regarding Ms. Mill and Ms. Brown has gotten me off the fence. It actually started with the sanctuary city debacle. I think it is now time to register in either the Republican Party or Independent Party or I could just be non affiliated to any party and just vote my conscience.

Bravo to the council women for standing their ground and really caring about our quality of life here in Kingston. You listened. You sir, Mr. Childress-Scott, next time be a man and sign your name below the democratic party members as you helped draft this letter along with the notorious Brad Will. You are not fooling anyone. and your side bar letter to explain your action just doesn't cut it.

Anonymous said...

The mayor's budget only balanced with the revenue from increased and new parking fees. An irresponsible budget considering it would take several months to get the collection of the new parking fees in place. Whose to blame if the budget falls short?

Let's not forget that a month after the adoption of the mayor's budget the mayor back pedaled on his new fees structure when the public denounced his plan. The back pedal clearly affects the revenue projection too. Whose to blame if the budget falls short?

Idea: Once the storm clears and the "study" group delivers to the mayor the report he already as written for them, maybe thought should be given to adding bike racks to the new pay to park lots and charge for those spots too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, make no mistake, this is a vindictive administration along with the Democratic Committee in general. The Nobles put a face on but watch out. Don't trust a word. Thankfully three women stood up to the yes men at their own peril. More power to them.