Monday, November 23, 2015

I Guess The Law Doesn't Matter??

It appears that Brad Will just does not care about the law.

The City Ethics Committee fined him $1000 for unethical behavior.  He has not paid.  He also has allegedly committed the same conduct yet again.

The Alderman at Large was ordered to issue a verbal and written reprimand.  Not done.

Now, the Freeman has confirmed what I reported previously, i.e. that Brad Will listed his residence as Woodstock in an official legal document.

By law and legal precedent, i.e. the Burns case, he should be removed from office automatically.  Will's reaction?  He is not going to discuss it.

Does the law matter?  Or is it irrelevant if you are part of the victorious left wing of the City Democrat Committee?

If a citizen breaks the law, can be or she just say the hell with it and ignore it without consequences?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Will Wins

Brad Will won the recount by 17 votes.

Now, let's hear why he listed an address outside his ward for court papers.

He lives in Ward 3 as far as I know.  Why list something else?

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Residency Question

Apparently, one of the sitting Aldermen filled out a court document listing a primary residence outside of the city.

If this is so, Mayor Gallo, using the precedent of Sottile vs Burns, may vacate the seat.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What Could Have Been

In Kingston, Steve Noble has been elected Mayor.  Congratulations to him.  I hope he succeeds, because if he does, Kingston succeeds.

Ron Polacco ran a hell of  race.  If there was an organized Republican Committee in Kingston helping Ron instead of just 2 or 3 people, Ron could have won this race.  It was really sad.  He deserved better.  Certainly, it did not help that the City Republican Chairman refused to do ANYTHING to help the Republican Mayoral candidate.

In ward 3, an Independence Party candidate is ahead by 1 vote.  If Republicans had run a candidate, they would have won the ward.  Now, if Champ-Doran's 1 vote lead can withstand the recount and swarm of democrat lawyers forthcoming, the Republicans may not be the Minority Party.  The Independence Party and Republicans will each have 1 member.  Plus, if anyone else joins Champ-Doran, Republicans will be the 3rd party on the Council.

I cannot say this any more bluntly.  If the City GOP is to even survive, Sinagra has to go.

On the County level, Republicans are boasting that they have won a majority in the Legislature.  While they did win control, they do not have a clear majority.  They have a plurality.  They have 10 Republicans, 1 Conservative, and 2 Democrats working together.  That is a plurality that gives tentative control of the Legislature.  It is not a majority.  In actuality, the Legislature has 11 Democrats, 10 Republicans, 1 Conservative, and 1 not enrolled.

Had Republicans in Saugerties not dropped the ball and kept a Democrat from stealing the line, they would have 11 Republicans and 1 Conservative and would have control without needing help from enrolled Democrats.

In the County Executive race, Mike Hein won, but not by anywhere close to what people expected.  He ended up with slightly under 55%.  So, Mike Hein wins, but his aspirations for Congress took a big hit.

Many people at 2 different Republican headquarters this evening were lamenting that Republicans did not put full support behind Tery Bernardo.  Republicans could have taken the County Executive seat which is the real power in county government.

Overall, Republicans at the county level had a good night, but it could have been an historic one.  On the other hand, City Republicans can only lament at what might have been.

County Democrats had a bad night, but it could have been a disaster,  City Democrats had a strong night (except for Brad Will).  The Noble camp is relieved however at the lack of any City GOP effort.  Otherwise, Polacco might have pulled it off.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Polacco trails by about 500.  Looks like Steve Noble has squeaked by.

County Exec too close to call.

Brad Will is Down!!

With 3 of 3 reporting, Brad Will is down by 1 vote!!  It goes to absentees.

At this point, Jim Noble has won.  Mayor and County Executive too close to call.  Both Dems leading.

Election Day

Get out and vote for the best candidate.

If you do not vote or just vote a straight party line without concern as to who the candidate is, then do not waste time complaining about who wins.

Good luck to all candidates and may the best candidates win.