Saturday, February 14, 2015

More News on 2015 Elections

To the latest news and rumors ....

Ron Polacco confirmed to me personally that he is running for Mayor.

Bill Reynolds will not be running for Mayor.  This is not a surprise as Bill has a very good job and frankly I understand why he might not be willing to give that up. Whether Bill might run for a different position like Alderman or Alderman-at-Large is not yet confirmed.

Several Alderman are contemplating a run for Alderman-at-Large.  Look for Alderman Dunn to be Steve Noble's running mate.

On the Republican side, Tony Sinagra has no candidate.  He has met with Ron Polacco and does not want to endorse him.  He has no other options yet, though look for him to brag that he has 2 or 3 possible candidates.  That is his usual "M.O."

No Republican Alderman-at-Large candidates yet.  Alderwoman Brown would be formidable, though it is not clear if she would run with Polacco.  I know of NO animosity between them, but Sinagra's animosity toward Polacco could be problematic.

Finally, Mayor Gallo has not made a final chose for his running mate though he has quite a few options.  I still think the best choice for him would be Jeanette Provenzano.