Tuesday, August 25, 2015


For many months, the Kingston Goodfellas blog has insulted people.  The blog accused Mike Hein of an extramarital affair without proof.  The blog has posted horrible and disgusting things all the while hiding behind a secret identity.

I have known for a long time who it is.  However, tonight I have direct proof.  I am therefore unmasking Kingston Goodfellas.

The best part is that proof comes from Goodfellas' own big mouth.

Earlier, Goodfellas posted an article about Gallo winning the debate.  I have taken screenshots so if he tries to change it or delete it, it will not save his butt.

At the end of the article, Goodfellas typed that he had an encounter after the debate with the Difalcos.  Goodfellas said he was given the finger.

So, I called Joe DiFalco and asked him if he gave anyone the finger the evening of the debate.  He said he did give someone the finger after the debate though the facts are slightly different than reported by Goodfellas. He gave the finger to only one person that night. 

Who was the person you gave the finger to, I asked.  Then, he told me.  Thus, from the post of Goodfellas himself is his identity.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the real name of Kingston Goodfellas ......


Anyone really surprised??

Abel Garraghan

Condolences to the family of Abel Garraghan.

He was a respected and admired gentlemen.  Kingston could use more men like him.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Not long ago, Mayor Gallo instructed Mr. Swanzey to review the grants work on by Steve Noble.  He concluded that due to mistakes, intentional acts, and negligence on the part of Steve Noble, the grants were in jeopardy.

Noble and the Democrat Aldermen who support him (for example Dunn and Will) have all insisted that Noble is innocent.  They all said that Swanzey's investigation is not independent.  They all insisted that an independent auditor would prove his innocence.

Their bluff was called.  Legislation was presented to the Council to hire an auditor to review the grants.  It was defeated and the leader of the opposition was Alderman Will.  His stated reason was that the "timing" was bad.

I call BS.

If an independent auditor would clear Steve Noble and thereby embarrass Gallo, you can bet your hiney that Will would have jumped on it.  Will would not walk across the street to spit on Gallo if he was on fire.  Gallo feels the same about Will.

The logical conclusion is that a review by an independent auditor would confirm Swanzey's conclusions and bury Steve Noble.  The "timing" Will spoke of is the upcoming primary.

Ask yourselves another question.  If an independent auditor would exonerate Noble, then why is he not screaming for an auditor from the highest mountain top?  Why is he not asking the Council to hire that auditor?  Why is Alderman Will opposing it?

Timing?  I call BS.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gallo v. Turco

The appeal concerning the conservative and independence party lines is on the Third Department's morning docket today.  Oral argument set for 10am.  Attorneys Zweben for Gallo and Burns for Ron Polacco are listed on docket.


The decision has been filed.  The court found the appeal to be reasonable, but refused to make an exception.  The appeal was denied.

Gallo is now left with the Democrat primary or nothing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Compost?? Really??

For weeks the supports of Steve Noble have said that a plan is coming.  Soon they promised.  Soon we would see the plans Steve Noble has for the city.

Yesterday, Steve stepped up and made his announcement.  He proposed . . .

The city needs a compost pile!!

Huh??  What??

This is it?

It appears the only thing composting is his campaign.

Look.  I don't know Steve personally.  He may be a nice guy and a good family man.  He is if he takes after his uncle who is both of those things.  But, this is not a contest to decide who is the nicest person.  This is about leading the city.

I think Steve Noble should have run for Alderman.  Get some experience under his belt.  Jumping right to Mayor was a mistake.

Steve is not ready for the big chair.  His supporters are gung ho against Gallo, but even they know Steve's not ready for prime time.

Ron Polacco was a multi-term Alderman.  Shayne was assistant corporation counsel and has been Mayor.  Both have experience.

Steve is over his head.  The worst thing for Steve would be if he won.  He's just not ready.  I give him credit for having the guts to try, but he is not ready.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

Former Mayor Sottile is back again. Now, he has written a letter to the Kingston Times in an attempt to provide cover for Steve Noble.  He contends that the Grant scandals or as I call it the "No Bull" scandal (get it?) is "malicious and without any foundation of fact".  He also said his letter was intended to "set the record straight".  Yet, he did not do so.  He offered no explanation, just political cover.

In fact, now that I think on it, Steve Noble has not provided any specifics at all.  He has denied wrongdoing despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, but has not offered his proof. Apparently, he intends to let other politicos write letters for him saying he is a nice guy, but not offer any specific defense.

Additionally, we have heard attempts to blame others.  First, it was the Junior League's fault. Then it was Anna Brett's fault.  Now, it is apparently the fault of the accusers.

Frankly, that's not good enough, sir.

I have seen the evidence.  I have put some of it on this blog.   All we have heard from Steve Noble are bland denials with nothing else.  In less than a month, there is a huge primary election.  The voters have the right to hear this so-called defense before they vote.

So, let's hear it.  If the allegations are nonsense, then let's hear the proof from YOU not the Assemblyman, not from the previous Mayor, not from Tom Hoffay.  YOU are the candidate.  Voters should hear it from YOU.

Get off your butt and schedule a press conference.  Let's hear the proof you supposedly have of your innocence.  You are running for Mayor.  This is a position that requires a leader, someone who speaks for himself or herself.

When Jim Sottile was Mayor, he spoke for himself.  I very often disagreed with him, but concede that he spoke for himself and did not rely on more powerful politicos to speak for him when the going got tough.  If a scandal like this broke against him, Jim Sottile would have spoken out and addressed the matter head on and directly.

If you have evidence proving your innocence, let's hear it.  Instead of getting current politicos, former politicos, or pathetic hangers-on who like to manipulate behind the scene to do your talking, step up and face this like a leader.  Stop looking for people to blame.  Voters deserve more than just words.  Your accusers have produced evidence.

Step up to the microphone. Put up or shut up.

Up Go The Signs

We are now within 30 days of the September primary.  I have noticed a few things.

1) Ron Polacco currently has no primary, but his signs are up.  Truth be told, Shayne Gallo has an appeal pending to have a Primary.  This likely gives a sufficient legal basis for Ron to put up signs now.

2)  Gallo and Provenzano are running as a team using traditional signs.  This makes sense for Gallo as Provenzano has a lot of support, particularly downtown and in her legislative district.

3) Noble and Noble are using some rather unusual signs. The signs are double sided, but each sign is not the same.  On one side it has Steve Noble for Mayor and on the other side it says Re-elect Jim Noble for Alderman at Large.

A few thoughts on these signs.  First, it is odd to have one candidate on one side and a different one on the other.  As people drive by, they only see one of the 2 candidates unless they look back after passing.

Second, I think a mistake was made on the Alderman-at-Large side.  There is a slogan on it that says "Experience That Counts".  No question that Jim Noble has experience.  He has been Alderman-at-Large since 2002.  It is factually correct.  However, his opponent, Jeanette Provenzano has MORE experience.  Also, mentioning the word "experience" does not help Steve because he has NONE.

It would have been smarter to have "Doing a Good Job" or something like "Working for the People".  Using "Experience That Counts" is a mistake in my opinion. I am not offering this as a shot.  I just think it is a tactical mistake.  Perhaps the Nobles need to get a new campaign manager.


Coming soon (likely next week) will be the decision from the Appellate Division (3rd Dept) on the Gallo appeal.  Once the decision is out, I will report the findings.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rasmussen Off Ballot

There will be no WFP primary for County Executive.  A lawsuit resulted in Rasmussen's petitions being declared invalid.

Now, it is Mike Hein (D and WFP) vs. Terry Bernardo (Rep, Con, Ind) vs. Hunter Downie (Green).

Some people think the lawsuit was a good idea because you avoid a 4 person race with 3 people drawing from the left.

Others think that Hein would have won the primary easily and also had time to put up signs all around the county.

Interesting debate, but the bottom line is that we are down to three.