Saturday, August 22, 2015


Not long ago, Mayor Gallo instructed Mr. Swanzey to review the grants work on by Steve Noble.  He concluded that due to mistakes, intentional acts, and negligence on the part of Steve Noble, the grants were in jeopardy.

Noble and the Democrat Aldermen who support him (for example Dunn and Will) have all insisted that Noble is innocent.  They all said that Swanzey's investigation is not independent.  They all insisted that an independent auditor would prove his innocence.

Their bluff was called.  Legislation was presented to the Council to hire an auditor to review the grants.  It was defeated and the leader of the opposition was Alderman Will.  His stated reason was that the "timing" was bad.

I call BS.

If an independent auditor would clear Steve Noble and thereby embarrass Gallo, you can bet your hiney that Will would have jumped on it.  Will would not walk across the street to spit on Gallo if he was on fire.  Gallo feels the same about Will.

The logical conclusion is that a review by an independent auditor would confirm Swanzey's conclusions and bury Steve Noble.  The "timing" Will spoke of is the upcoming primary.

Ask yourselves another question.  If an independent auditor would exonerate Noble, then why is he not screaming for an auditor from the highest mountain top?  Why is he not asking the Council to hire that auditor?  Why is Alderman Will opposing it?

Timing?  I call BS.


Anonymous said...

Must agree with you this. However, by the time the auditor is hired and gets there audit done would be well past September 10. So it's a waste of taxpayer money.
Why hasn't Gallo just fired Noble if he's so incompetent?

Anonymous said...

The Noble\Noble ticket is corrupt. Driven by corrupt people, Ali Baba, aka J.S Jaffa, aka T.H. Abdulla, aka C.L. And their band of thieves.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


If he fired him, then the Anti-Gallo crats would scream bloody murder and maybe even file a bogus lawsuit right before the Primary just to make headlines.

Gallo took all of the grants away from Noble so he cannot do further damage. Once the primary is over, however, then termination may occur.

Anonymous said...

Still looking for the "so called" fishing pier.... On the Gallo boatride back into the harbor people on board were making remarks or guessing about where the dock is? At the last Finance meeting , that was on tape via YouTube, it was discovered that the dock is still in Vermont... That has got to be one big pole with a long fishing line. :)


I too would have thought Dunn and Will would have been in favor of exonerating their candidate by an independent audit of grants in the parks and rec dept. Now it reeks of covering up incompetence until after the primary. Lousy for the citizens who need to vote with eyes wide open. Only hope is for all to attend the debate and not just the democrats of our city.

Anonymous said...

Disagree 2:35. Dems are the only ones that need to attend. It's there primary why should I waste my time. My candidate will face the winner and will square off in more than one debate.

Anonymous said...

Matt Dunn looked like a complete fool at the finance mtg last week(You Tube). Did he really think that by sitting at the table, ignoring everyone while playing with his IPad people would think he was clever? Sending some kind of bizarre message?? He looked like a petulant toddler. Thank God he had the good sense not run again. What an immature brat.

Anonymous said...

NO guarantee there will be a debate between democrat primary winner and Polacco. Polacco seems to dance around the issue of a debate. Haven't heard him declare anything.... I feel he would be over his head on what is going on in the city and how he would run the city. But he is an actor and can probably act his way thru the campaign.

kerfuffle said...

Sometimes, you just gotta call a spade a spade.

Keep up the good work, your blog is a great local resource.