Monday, August 10, 2015

Rasmussen Off Ballot

There will be no WFP primary for County Executive.  A lawsuit resulted in Rasmussen's petitions being declared invalid.

Now, it is Mike Hein (D and WFP) vs. Terry Bernardo (Rep, Con, Ind) vs. Hunter Downie (Green).

Some people think the lawsuit was a good idea because you avoid a 4 person race with 3 people drawing from the left.

Others think that Hein would have won the primary easily and also had time to put up signs all around the county.

Interesting debate, but the bottom line is that we are down to three.


Anonymous said...

Green party candidate will siphon votes from Hein.

Anonymous said...

Big deal on the WF

Anonymous said...

press release from Uncle Jim, public forum on Rail/Trail cancelled. I guess he just realized what a stupid move he made. Leaders at County level (exception of John Parete, who doesn't have a clue either) are furious with him as this issue has been studied to death and another committee county, is still reviewing all the past studies that have been done and a vote will be taking by November, December. By the way Noble cancelling until after election!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would not be suprised if Hunter Downie gets more votes than Bernardo

Anonymous said...

Guess when you are on the council so long he figures he can phone in his commitment. What an asinine move both Nobles made especially with Steve Noble being a part of the Kingston Land Trust who was privy to the knowledge of the projects. I have seen him at several meetings regarding the Greenline and the rail/trail issue is always talked about. What didn't he understand and what didn't he tell his Uncle?
SO sick of political hay being produced. Pathetic and desperate attempt to raise issues to draw attention to them. I don't think this was the type of attention they wanted. Ineptitude all around. No matter what people say about Gallo, and they might not agree, but he took a stand about wanting walking rail trails. After it was proven that the CMRR could bring revenue into the City he did change his mind and went along with compromise that Hein introduced. It showed he could find a way. A leader sometimes has to make compromise but not all agree with those decisions. Steve Noble is not ready to be a leader. Listening too much to people who have an agenda.