Thursday, August 13, 2015

Up Go The Signs

We are now within 30 days of the September primary.  I have noticed a few things.

1) Ron Polacco currently has no primary, but his signs are up.  Truth be told, Shayne Gallo has an appeal pending to have a Primary.  This likely gives a sufficient legal basis for Ron to put up signs now.

2)  Gallo and Provenzano are running as a team using traditional signs.  This makes sense for Gallo as Provenzano has a lot of support, particularly downtown and in her legislative district.

3) Noble and Noble are using some rather unusual signs. The signs are double sided, but each sign is not the same.  On one side it has Steve Noble for Mayor and on the other side it says Re-elect Jim Noble for Alderman at Large.

A few thoughts on these signs.  First, it is odd to have one candidate on one side and a different one on the other.  As people drive by, they only see one of the 2 candidates unless they look back after passing.

Second, I think a mistake was made on the Alderman-at-Large side.  There is a slogan on it that says "Experience That Counts".  No question that Jim Noble has experience.  He has been Alderman-at-Large since 2002.  It is factually correct.  However, his opponent, Jeanette Provenzano has MORE experience.  Also, mentioning the word "experience" does not help Steve because he has NONE.

It would have been smarter to have "Doing a Good Job" or something like "Working for the People".  Using "Experience That Counts" is a mistake in my opinion. I am not offering this as a shot.  I just think it is a tactical mistake.  Perhaps the Nobles need to get a new campaign manager.


Coming soon (likely next week) will be the decision from the Appellate Division (3rd Dept) on the Gallo appeal.  Once the decision is out, I will report the findings.


Anonymous said...

happy you are back posting. I'm done with the other one. It's someone very desperate and sick writing that blog. Please keep us informed and share your opinions Rich.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I will have to check the Noble back to back signage. Haven't see much of them in my area. A LOT of Gallo/Provenzano.
Noble signs just go to show the "family " sticks together. Didn't even try to separate that fact even when that is a concern to a lot of citizens. One will cover the other's backside. How apropos!!

Anonymous said...

As more & more campaigning goes on, I hope it's clear to the voters that the Nobles, as nice as they are, are just not up to par to lead the city. Jim has been awful quiet on the council for the past 13 yrs, and Steve just doesn't have any experience to qualify him to run a city. Also, what decided my vote against Jim was the way he just sat there in the finance committee meeting a few weeks ago (You Tube it) and let Matt Dunn act so rude & disrespectful & childish & Jim didn't say a word...he just sat there & let it go on & on. Letting a man berate a woman in public and carry on like an ass & not doing anything about it when you are sitting RIGHT NEXT to the perpetrator, is wrong & shows he has no leadership qualities at all. Gallo/Provenzano in September - Two people who are not afraid to tackle hard situations and not afraid to stand up for what's right!

Anonymous said...

7:10: My thoughts exactly after I viewed the video. The verbal abuse Alderwoman Mills had to take and the fact Noble, as president of the council, did not eject Mr. Dunn from the meeting was very telling. A flat out disrespect for the Chairwoman of that committee. Roberts Rules of Order fell by the wayside. It goes to show, god forbid, that if Steve Noble is elected Mayor along with his Uncle, Noble will not abide by the rules if it negatively impacts his nephew. I also have wonder if the opposite political party had carried on the way Mr. Dunn did would they have been ejected? Hmmmmmm.....or told that they were out of order. Jim Noble showed himself to be a bit of a milk toast and too complacent.

Anonymous said...

The alderman at large does not preside over committee meetings. The chairman does. He doesn't have a vote. He is not even required to be there. Your suggestion that he take action to remove a voting member of a Committee is misplaced and I suspect most chairman would consider it a usurpation of their authority. There were no threats or implications of violence. Ms mills is a big girl. She was given the chairmanship by Noble. With it comes the responsibility to deal with those kinds of situations.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Having served on the council, I can tell you that Alderman at Large Noble has never hesitated to take control of a committee meeting. The fact that he chose not to in that situation is fair comment.

Anonymous said...

Alderman was told to be quiet by the Chairwoman and he refused. He kept up his relentless tirade and was disruptive. Next time she ought to have him ousted and if he refuses...? Do they really have to come to that? President Noble should have told the majority leader, at the very least, to stop. He should have been reprimanded for his rudeness.

Anonymous said...

I am troubled that Polacco cannot follow rules. How can he govern? I am a Conservative who won't vote for him for this very reason. It shows him to already be incompetent.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


If you are referring to rules about signs, he actually is in a primary. There is a Green Party write-in primary. If he is competing in that --and I do not know for sure one way or the other-- then he can put up signs.