Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Compost?? Really??

For weeks the supports of Steve Noble have said that a plan is coming.  Soon they promised.  Soon we would see the plans Steve Noble has for the city.

Yesterday, Steve stepped up and made his announcement.  He proposed . . .

The city needs a compost pile!!

Huh??  What??

This is it?

It appears the only thing composting is his campaign.

Look.  I don't know Steve personally.  He may be a nice guy and a good family man.  He is if he takes after his uncle who is both of those things.  But, this is not a contest to decide who is the nicest person.  This is about leading the city.

I think Steve Noble should have run for Alderman.  Get some experience under his belt.  Jumping right to Mayor was a mistake.

Steve is not ready for the big chair.  His supporters are gung ho against Gallo, but even they know Steve's not ready for prime time.

Ron Polacco was a multi-term Alderman.  Shayne was assistant corporation counsel and has been Mayor.  Both have experience.

Steve is over his head.  The worst thing for Steve would be if he won.  He's just not ready.  I give him credit for having the guts to try, but he is not ready.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine food scraps, grass clippings and etc sitting in tote containers around the city and simmering in the weather we have had for the last week or so. Pheewww! Now we have air pollution? Typical environmentalist agenda.. Granted it might save money in tipping fees but still would need more trucks and totes which cost money. Oh wait...Steve Noble can write grants??? Just has a problem with follow ups...
Curious to see how he does in a debate against Gallo. Planning on attending.

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember the survey that the city had done a few years ago about the totes? Willing to bet people wanted that program. Air pollution? Really. Same stuff is on the streets now and I don't smell a thing.
More trucks less man power sounds like a wash.
10:40 keep talking to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, on all points. Gallo's boat ride was great last night! There were 183 people checked in (according to the employee who counted heads...I didn't know this, but according to him the Coast Guard rule is they have to head count heads in case of an accident), the food was great from about 10 different restaurants, free beer& cash bar! There were Judges, businessmen, union reps, clergy, seniors, kids, other county & city politicians...and yes, family, employees & friends! A great time had by all!

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

5:02 am,

Two thoughts. First, you missed the whole point. Noble had a chance to make a splash. Instead, we got compost.

Second, you posted at 5:02 am? I know my blog is good, but 5:02 am?? Don't you have better things to do at

Anonymous said...

The city is already a compost pile, just drive through the main corridor... then go through what used to be nice neighborhoods and more of the same. The last thing we need is another civil servant attempting to be in charge with no clue on job creation, how to attract businesses or how to stand up to the democrat machines who's goal is to house more system feeders and sex offenders. As a life long resident tax payer, I am about to put the for sale sign up and get out before 4 more years of incompetence lowers my value even more. The Nobles while nice people have no clue on how to repair or rebuild this city. Ron while a nice man will be eaten alive by higher ups who will tell him what to do for their benefit and their friends and families, not the average citizens. As long as democrats run NYS and UC Kingston is doomed unless we locate a real businessman with experience and balls to step up and stop the madness, which will never happen. We are about to become the composte and sex offender capitol of the State

Anonymous said...

Been looking at pictures of the booze cruise all day on Facebook. Not one picture of a packed house. Every picture there was no one in the background. Think someone miscounted.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


They are required to have an accurate count for the boat. The count for guests was 189.

You can doubt all you want, but that was the count. Sales were slightly higher.

Anonymous said...

So glad someone finally made a post about his ridiculous idea. Kingston needs many things but a compost doesn't come to mind and not something I expect out of the mouth of someone running for mayor. I went to school with Steve and he is not a leader by any means. This charade needs to end.