Friday, May 20, 2016

Mayor Dissolves Ethics Board

The headline of this article says it all.  The entire Ethics Board has been dissolved by the Mayor with no real explanation.

Frankly, this is an outrage.  It does not pass the smell test.  The Ethics Board made significant findings against a former Alderman and major supporter of the Mayor and he dissolves the Board.

It almost sounds like a scene from a cheap supermarket novel.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Mayor Noble hired a new grants manager.  However, instead of following the contract and placing her at Step 1, he placed her at Step 6.  Having gone through the CSEA process himself, the Mayor was fully aware of the process.  Yet, it was ignored.

Basically, she was paid more than she was entitled under the contract, i.e. a gift of public funds.

In the Freeman article, the Mayor said he knew nothing about the complaints.  I happen to know, however, that CSEA President left multiple messages for the Mayor on this matter that were not returned.

Howard Baul, a higher level union official, is planning to request documentation (I presume through FoIL) about the hiring.  Perhaps he should look at the time records recorded and actual hours worked.  He might find something interesting.  You just never know.