Friday, April 29, 2011


I was informed by County Conservative Chairman, Ed Gaddy, that the Conservative Party has endorsed my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Kingston. I am very pleased to receive the support of the Conservative Party. This is another important step toward my goal of becoming Mayor of the City of Kingston.

The County Conservatives interviewed me and two of my Republican opponents this past Monday night. The questions were insightful and well thought out. I just answered their questions and set forth details of my comprehensive plan for the City of Kingston. I was informed that the Conservatives chose me without a dissenting vote. That was particularly pleasing.

The City Republicans will hold their nominating convention in late May or early June. I am hopeful of obtaining their endorsement as well. I have received a great deal of support from the committeemen and I am looking forward to the convention. The support just keeps growing and growing.

In the days ahead, I intend to focus like a laser on my comprehensive plan for the city. I will not allow myself to be distracted by negative politics, nor will I waste time with proposals to ban yard sales, cats, or cigarettes. I am dealing with issues of crime, taxes, city spending, jobs, and the local economy. That is what people in Kingston have told me are the issues important to them.

Meagher School Dinner

Tonight was the Meagher School Italian Dinner, a tradition that goes back over 40 years. The place was packed, though surprisingly not one elected official attended.

As usual, the students and their parents served as waiters and waitresses, and the food was awesome. There were multiple choices for dessert too.

There was one moment that gave me indigestion. Three of the School Board members who voted to close the school showed up. My understanding is that they were specifically invited to view the public support for the school. Nevertheless, I was less than happy to see them.

There is another such dinner set for this Fall. I hope it will not be the last one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Kingston, New York – April 16, 2011

My two potential democratic opponents have been namedropping and debating over who has the better campaign manager. I doubt highly that this election will be decided by the notoriety of anyone’s campaign manager. Rather, it is the strength of the plans and proposals of each candidate that will decide the matter.

When I announced my candidacy, I promised to produce details throughout the campaign of my comprehensive plan for improving economic development, spending and tax reduction, and quality of life in the City of Kingston. With that in mind, I am offering the first part of my plan.

For years, we have dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars into the city’s Economic Development Department. In the most recent budget, the total expenditures for this department totaled nearly two hundred thousand ($200,000.00) dollars. As is obvious, there has been precious little economic development in our city. Certainly, the money we have spent, which exceeds one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars in the last six or seven years, has not been fruitful.

Therefore, I propose that the Economic Development Office be eliminated and replaced with two more positive and fruitful ideas. First, a small portion of the funding from this department should be used to create a grant writing office. There are numerous state and federal grants available especially in the areas of law enforcement and fire fighting. We need to pursue these grants aggressively. To fund this office would require only about ¼ of the current funding. The balance could be applied to tax reduction.

The second thing that should replace the Economic Development Office is an Economic Recovery Team made up of Kingstonians with expertise in business, law, real estate, architecture, and other areas of importance to economic development. For years, the city has hired consultants from outside our city. I believe that Kingstonians have the ability to solve the problems facing Kingston. By creating this group of civic-minded volunteers and allowing them to study the problems facing our local economy, we can use the combined brain power of our city to create solutions and new ideas to unleash Kingston’s true economic potential.

Kingston created a similar team to deal with housing issues. That team offered several valuable proposals that have been implemented by the city and proven quite successful.

This first part of my comprehensive plan will save a large amount of taxpayer money, allow us to tap into other resources and take the burden off our local property taxes, and will provide for new and innovative economic ideas.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No, Thank You

I have continually received a proposed comment from an anonymous person promoting a blog that was designed to attack one of my potential general election opponents.

I have not and will not post the address. I am NOT interested in any negative campaigning from either party or any candidate for Mayor.

I made the mistake 4 years ago of relying too much on criticism of my opponent. This time, I am focusing exclusively on my plan and vision for Kingston. Whether I win or lose, it will be on my merits, my plan, and my vision.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gretzinger to Retire

Mr. Gretzinger announced he will retire in January of 2012. Most people are speculating on why he retired. My question is who will be chosen to replace him and how much more in salary will the Board authorize?