Friday, August 9, 2013

Dawson 1 -- Woerner 0

Nina Dawson made Nicky Woerner look like a petulant child in today's paper.  I was very impressed with the way she handled him.  She sounded like a mother lecturing a child right before the deserved spanking.

Here's the background information.

Woerner is upset because Dawson requested to have a block party and the city granted the request.  Woerner claims that Mayor Gallo is secretly helping Dawson because he issued an Executive Order regarding the closure of the street.

It seems Mr. Woerner needs some education about how these matters work.  Almost every request that comes in for a block party or other event requiring closure of a city street results in an Executive Order because of the substantial time required for the Common Council to do it.  For the Council, it would require a committee meeting with a favorable report followed by a favorable vote at a meeting of the entire Council.  Thus, Executive Orders are used to expedite the process.

Additionally, Mr. Woerner made no such request for a block party.  Instead, he held an event at a politician's home.  This shows you the difference between Dawson and Woerner.  Dawson has an event that is out in the open and that benefits the entire ward.  Woerner has an event hosted by a politician.

Regardless, the real entertainment in the story was the response to the criticisms of Woerner by Nina Dawson.  Dawson said that Woerner "sounds like a child who says, 'Mommy, she isn't playing fair in the sandbox.' ".  That is the line of the campaign thus far.  Dawson 1 -- Woerner 0.


Anonymous said...


Guess its time for Nicky to get a street closed and have a party...

Would the mayor honor his request also?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I would hope that any such request would be handled pursuant to the law regardless of who submitted it.

Anonymous said...

If this isn't political why didn't she put the request sooner so it could go through the proper procedures

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Nina's comment. She hit it on the nail. So Nicky, pick up your toys and go home! But then again, where might that be?

Anonymous said...

Nicky is stating the block party is nothing more than a fundraiser for a candidate. The block party is an sponsored event for the neighborhood, another "not knowing what he is talking about" but still gets a story published in the local paper. When he was telling how successful his recent events were, he neglected to mention the fact that his neighborhood "meet and greet" at a local eating spot was a complete bust. No facebook photos were taken of that event. Why not?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Are you serious? Did you not read the article? The issuing of an Executive Order does not mean that the request was late. They are all done that way.