Thursday, August 22, 2013

Smearing? With the Truth?

In response to the article I published on this blog about the lawsuit filed against Nick Woener, there is now an article on the front page of the Daily Freeman.  In that article, Nick Woerner claimed that I am trying to "smear him".

It speaks volumes about one's credibility if one can be "smeared" by the truth.

What I published was true.  I said it would have an impact on the primary election and that it would be reported by the Freeman.  It will and it was.

I will add one thing more.  I hope the voters of Ward 4 understand exactly what Nick Woerner is trying to do.  Nick was elected Town Supervisor in Ulster after a battle between the conservative and republican parties resulted in a split of support for Woerner's opponent.  Nick ran the town very poorly and nearly bankrupted the town.  He was defeated severely and overwhelmingly by Jim Quigley.

Now, Nick has decided to move to Kingston in the hope of taking advantage of the strong democrat political machine in this city.  He is running in a ward he has never lived in.  He chose the ward because of the overwhelming democrat enrollment advantage.

As a born and bred Kingstonian, I resent failed politicos coming to Kingston to try to resurrect a political career at the expense of city residents.  Nick Woerner does not give a damn about the residents of Ward 4.  They are stepping stones to his goal of being elected Alderman and running for Mayor in 2015.

The City Democrats are the power of politics in the City of Kingston.  That has been the case since the 1960's and has been the will of a majority of city residents.  That's fine.  That's the process.  However, that being said, I see no reason for Kingston to be a place where democrat politicos come after they fail in another municipality.  Kingston should not be the city of misfit democrats.


Anonymous said...

How can one expect, if elected, (longshot) Woerner would be able to manage and vote on city financial issues when he cannot keep his own financial records in his private life in order ? Renegading on a debt and offering excuses. He has history with Town of Ulster... He has a poor and dismal record to run on based on his term as supervisor. What is it about politicians who feel their past is insignificant in their race to be elected.? What has happened to morals? A sense of shame? If Woerner is so focused on ward 4 issues why is he attacking the Mayor? Mayor not running for Alderman? But if Woerner wants to be Mayor with ward 4 as stepping stone, all becomes very clear. Ward 4 deserves a true and concerned alderman to represent them. They haven't had an advocate for them in almost 6 years. Whitlock's heart was never in it. Nice person but..

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I just want to add something else.

I understand that sometimes people have financial issues and that sometimes it results in litigation.

If this had happened before he ran for office, I would not consider it a story. However, if one is going to run for office, you have to get your own house in order. Either pay the debt or settle the case BEFORE you announce your candidacy.

This whole thing started while Nick was Town Supervisor. It's therefore relevant and of concern to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Let's also recall the failed attempt of Woerner to run for Ward 5 alderman in 2011. He moved twice that year in an attempt to capture the seat and failed. It is true his focus has not been about important issues in Ward 4 but continually clashing with Mayor Gallo. Woerner could never, I repeat NEVER fill Gallo's shoes, so his ranting trying to bring reproach upon the Mayor is in poor taste. He's not running for Mayor. Cleaning up parking lots for photo opportunities is not going to win votes either. What next?

Anonymous said...

Woerner is an imbecile and an incompetent. He almost ran the Town of Ulster into the ground when he was Supervisor. After his worthless keister was bounced out of town hall, he dropped into Kingston in order to run for office there. That dimwit is hoping that nobody in Kingston will remember what a moron he was in Ulster. Let's hope they are smart enough to refuse to put him in office.


Anonymous said...

Is he really handing out $20 gift cards to voters?