Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Sad Spectacle

Once again, Nicky Woerner is attacking Mayor Gallo in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.  To understand why he is doing this, one must understand why Nicky is running for 4th Ward Alderman in the first place.

After Nicky was destroyed by Jim Quigley and lost his town supervisor seat, he decided to move to the City of Kingston.  The Kingston Democrats dominate city politics and Woerner thought he could rejuvenate his political career.

He tried to run for 5th Ward Alderman, but got bulldozed by Mr. Carey.  So, Nick took aim at Ward 4 after Shirley Whitlock announced her retirement.  The fourth ward is heavily Democrat and generally has low turnouts for local elections.

Nick's plan is to get an Alderman seat and then challenge Shayne Gallo in a primary for Mayor.  It is a sad plan, except for the fact that there are quite a few members of the Democrat committee who are actually foolish enough to support Woerner against Gallo.

What Woerner did not count on was Ismail Shabazz and Nina Dawson, two actual residents of the ward who understand the true needs of the district.  Nick has never lived in Ward 4 and has no comprehension of the ward's true needs.  He has people telling him the issues and he is doing research.  However, since he has never lived in the ward, he has no true understanding or appreciation for the ward.

So, Nick is creating controversy and making weak allegations against Gallo in a desperate attempt to con the residents into thinking he actually gives a damn about them.  He is trying to create a political narrative that he cares for the people and their needs.  The truth is that he only cares for their votes and his political dreams.

His latest attempt is a false attack against Gallo because the Queen's Galley had to move their fundraiser.  The real reason for the move was the law, not Gallo or the city.  The lease holder of the property in question has accepted full responsibility, but Woerner made the attack anyway.

Mayor Gallo accused Woerner of not knowing the facts.  In reality, Nicky knew the facts.  He just did not care about them.  Facts just got in the way of his intended narrative.

I hope the people of Ward 4 reject Woerner's obvious attempts at political delusion.  He is the last thing Kingston needs right now.  For those who do not know, Woerner is being funded by a developer who wants back at the table in Kingston after being dismissed by Gallo and rejected by Quigley in Ulster.  How else can one explain Woerner's paying for a brand new and obviously expensive web site from a campaign fund that has had less than $40.00 for over two years?  He will say he held a fundraiser, but the web site was up and running prior to his fundraiser.  Where did the money come from?

Expect more of these sad and desperate press releases.  Other than his not so secret financial backer, he really has nothing else to rely upon.  Hopefully, it all ends in about a month.  Hopefully, the people of ward 4 send Woerner packing.  Then, he can start picking what ward to move into next to seek a seat at the table.


Anonymous said...

It's time for Steve Aaron and all of his cronies to get out Kingston. Hinchey even listens to Steve Aaron another that is now in the past.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Does the financial/ developer backer start with the name Steve and end in the word Aaron?
AT times I get concerned that the voters do not see what is really happening. All smoke and mirrors....
Woerner made a mess of the finances in the Town of Ulster.PLEASE ,ward 4, do not be fooled. The rest of the city will also be impacted if he is elected.He has designs on higher offices. Your ward is just a stepping stone for him.

Anonymous said...

Nicky Woerner is just a better dressed version of Jeremy Blaber.

They are both arrogant kids with a grandiose sense of entitlement who cannot make it in the private sector. Both are trying to get and stay on the public tit.

Both are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich

Rumor has it that Gallo isn't happy with the woman running for the ward 8 seat backed by Jeanette

What is the story behind this race?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Mrs. Spada-Bruck is running against Mr. Schabot. They are said to be friendly toward one another and that the campaign is very much issue oriented.

As for the Mayor, I know he supported Schabot at the Democrat convention, but am unaware of any ill will between Spada-Bruck and Mayor Gallo.

Anonymous said...

Wishing the Bruck woman muck luck...
We need someone like her in the mix.