Friday, August 16, 2013

Talk About Unprofessional

Recently, Mayor Gallo and Corporation Counsel Zweben suggested that Alderman Hoffay has a conflict of interest between serving as Chairman of the Finance Committee and working directly for Kevin Cahill.

I admit it is an interesting question.  Maybe it's my training as an attorney, but I see both sides of this point.

What was Hoffay's response?  Well, he said, "I think he's an idiot.  You can quote me on that!"

His response was extremely unprofessional, but not entirely surprising given Hoffay's political and personal history.  Is this really the level of discourse we can expect in city politics from now on?  Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

Hoffay needs to watch his words carefully. That was disrespectful. He could have expressed himself in a more professional manner. But now the true Hoffay is showing his colors. Not quite the gentlemanly posture he has always portrayed. Not running for public office, I guess, loosens his tongue or puts less of a filter on his thoughts. I sometimes thinks he underestimates the popularity of Gallo amongst certain parts of the city. Not all Democrats in Kingston are part of the liberal faction of Democrats.