Monday, July 22, 2013

Time To Set The Record Straight

As most of you already know, I left the Republican Party in November 2012 and joined the Conservative Party.  In the last few months, I have Democrats and Republicans spreading false rumors about my intentions and trying to use me to gain an advantage.  I am sick to death of it.

First, both Democrats and Republicans told anyone who would listen that I was intending to challenge the Conservative City Chairman for his position.  I thus declared publicly and privately that John Burridge (current City Chair) is my friend and has my support for Chairman.  I have not and will not challenge him for City Chair.  If he resigns or retires, I would consider the position.  I will NOT challenge him for it.

Second, I no sooner cleared that bologna up when the second load of bull came out.  Several Democrats (who I have now identified) told Alderwoman Ball that I was secretly planning to run on the Conservative line to prevent her from getting the line.  I had to call and/or e-mail the County and City Conservative Chairs to inform them that this rumor was also bologna.  I even posted on this blog that I am not running for anything on any line in 2013.

Third, Republicans and Democrats began saying that I was secretly plotting against County Chair Ed Gaddy.  This is absolute b.s., as Ed is a close friend and I support him completely.

Fourth, and most recently, I was driving back from a four day weekend in Boston when I received a phone call informing me that the Conservative Party was up in arms over something I supposedly did.  When I asked what it was, I learned for the first time that my name had been placed on an OTB petition as a member of the Committee to Receive Notices without my consent or knowledge.

I knew the Republicans were planning to file an OTB challenge.  I told them I would not get involved with it one way or the other.  If a primary occurred, I would vote my conscience as Elisa Ball and Joe Corcoran are both my friends.  I would not put up signs and would not discuss the matter.  I also gave my word to Chairman Gaddy that I would not sign a petition for either candidate.

After all of that, I return home to find out that my name was added to the petition without me even being asked.  I am extremely unhappy with this to say the least.

The Conservatives may very well challenge the OTB petition.  One of the grounds could be that my name was used without my permission.  I have told them I do not want to be involved in this.  If I am subpoenaed, I will --as an officer of the Court-- appear in response to the subpoena and testify to the truth.  I would rather not be involved, however.

When the time comes to vote, I will vote my conscience.   No signs will be on my lawn this year at all.  I will vote for the most conservative candidate in the primary and in the general elections.  I wish both of my friends the best of luck.

With all of that aside, I want to serve notice on both the Republicans and the Democrats.  I am an enrolled Conservative and I intend to work with and for the Conservative Party of Kingston and Ulster County.  To the Republicans, do not assume that because I was a Republican for over 20 years that I am just going to support Republicans as a Conservative.  To the Democrats, do not assume that because I left the Republicans that I am going to support Democrats out of spite or some foolish idea of revenge.  I will support the candidates that I feel are the most conservative and best able to support Kingston and Ulster County.


Anonymous said...

I am a Republican and I feel loyal to my party. But I think this business of Republicans filing Opportunity to Ballot petitions to hijack the Conservative line is disgusting. Everyone should stick their own party. If they nominate you, great. If they don't, then act like an adult and suck it up. Don't try to steal the line like some cheap shoplifter. That line doesn't belong to you or to your opponent. It belongs to the members of that party and if the leaders they elect endorse someone, neither Republicans or Democrats have any right to pickpocket that nomination.

The Republicans are going to be real surprised in the Conservatives decide not to nominate any Republicans in the future. It's not your damn line! Hands off if you don't get it!

Anonymous said...

I agree:everyone should "stick their own party(in the rear)" if necessary.It's politics that stinks, always has stunk, and always will stink in the state with the cesspool of politics.