Wednesday, July 3, 2013

March of the Carpetbaggers

It seems that people believe that Kingston will elect Democrats no matter who they are or what they have done.  I say this because people seem to think they can move into the city or move into any ward they want and expect to be elected Alderman.

First, Nick Woerner moves from the Town of Ulster after being completely destroyed in his effort to be reelected Town Supervisor.  He eventually moved into Ward 5 and decided to run for Alderman immediately.  He lost badly.  Now, he has announced his intention to run for Ward 4 Alderman and will be moving soon into that Ward, apparently on to Van Deusen Street, if he has not done so already.

Now comes Jeremy Blaber.  He lived in Ward 7 for many years.  Then, he moved to New York City.  He returned and was living in Ward 2.  He moved within the last few months to ward 5.  Then, within the last 30 days, he announces residency on Brewster Street.  Now, he announces he is running for Ward 9 Alderman.

A few questions remain.  Does he have his own place or is he couch surfing?  It is rumored that he is temporarily living with Mike Madsen.  Is that true?  I frankly do not know.  The people of Ward 9 have a right to know though.  Jeremy is seemingly the Jason West of Kingston.

Either way, as a lifelong city resident (except for 2 years out of law school), I am offended by this carpetbagger mentality.  You cannot move from ward to ward and honestly expect to understand the issues that are important to the neighborhood.  The position of Alderman is important.  People have real problems that need addressing.

Woerner and Blaber simply want to hold public office anywhere they can.  If they have to move and change loyalties, so be it.  In Blaber's case, this is an attempt by him to gain office and then get even with Mayor Gallo.  It is clear and obvious.  In Woerner's case, it is an attempt to gain credibility so he can primary Gallo in 2015.

The real test will be the September primaries.  Will Democrats block these 2 carpetbaggers?  Or will they allowed themselves to be used once again?  Then, should Democrats reward these two, what will the general population do in November?  Will Kingston become the Island of Misfit Democrats?


Anonymous said...

Hit the nail on the head.!!Are they so desparate to maintain their majority in government elections that they open the door to all types of misfits. What happen to their ideology to care about the citizens? More so than republicans?. Really? Do the Democrats truly believe this is the way to do it? Please,with " friends" like them, who needs enemies??

Anonymous said...

Imagine they both win. In 2015, there will be a Woerner / Blaber ticket. Uuuggghhh

Johnson-Humphrey 1964 said...


Maybe the leadership of the Democratic Committee [good and nice people] Should take the bull by the horns and stop this once and for all.
It is really one person within the committee that is turning the committee into 'comedy central'. With tax dollars hard to come by how much money is this 'primary' going to cost taxpayers? Bob Golnick would not have any of this

Johnson-Humphrey 1964 said...

Who was he staying with in Ward 2?

Anonymous said...

Democrats rule in the City of Kingston. It has been that way since the beginning of time. They elected a man who threw a drink in a womans face.

They keep returning the same people to office that got us into this mess. Reynolds, Noble, Gallo, Sottile, Gallo, Hoffay need we continue.

The Republicans just can't get there act together. If Blaber and Woerner win its because the Republicans can't see eye to eye on anything in Kingston and the Dems are split.

In fact some even went over to the Dems. Hein and Senor.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would question the credibility of the people in Ward 9that signed Blaber's petition so he could even force a primary. Blaber's so delusional to even think he could function as an alderman and what knuckleheads for even buying his rhetoric. Shame on them..I would have slammed the door in his face.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one am awaiting the Scalawags. Only THEN will Kingston develop at least some CAUSE for genuine EXCITEMENT!

Anonymous said...

Seems like quite a few individuals live at Madsen's address on Brewster St. Swinging door housing?
Carpetbagger central?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

As an update, Blaber left me a voicemail claiming that he has his own apartment and does not live with Madsen.