Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just Go Away

First, disgraced former Congressman Wiener announced his candidacy for Mayor of New York City.  This prompted more "Wiener" jokes than anyone should ever have to hear.  I thought it could not get any worse.  Well . . .

Now, disgraced former Governor Elliott Spitzer is going to run for New York City Comptroller.  Expect the hooker jokes to start back up.

Are there any more Democrats in New York under the tarnish of a sex scandal of some kind ready to run for New York City office??  Is it possible?

Do not get me wrong, there are sex scandals that have caused Republicans to resign from office.  They are not immune.  It just seems that New York City is attracting democrats with significant sex scandals to run for office.  Obviously, the thinking is that people in New York City will vote Democrat no matter how terrible the candidate may be.  Is the party line so important that people will vote for a fool rather than not vote Democrat?

Just like I called for it in the City of Kingston, I guess I must call for it in New York City as well.  Will the Democrat party and primary voters of the Democrat party please put these fools out to pasture once and for all?  Let's see some better candidates.

While I am at it, perhaps the State Republicans can find someone (not a weak pathetic moderate) to challenge Comrade Cuomo for Governor.  Maybe I am asking for a little too much there, but at least let's see Wiener and Spitzer out of politics and public life.


Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that this Washingotn Ave sink hole continues and contiunes. This current Engineer was once let go by the City and now he is back and still does not know what he is doing and is costing the City alot of money. This fiberglass liner was approved a few months back by the Council and it is only now being order. Why? This Engineer has to go now.

Anonymous said...

Put a Kiosk in the uptown parking garage and have everyone pay. No monthly rate, this is done all over the country why not in Kingston. Oh I know we are wsy behind in technology and can't decide on how to fix a sink hole.

That Engineer shoould be fired.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of people who should just go away, Manuela Michailes-kookoo of Accord is posting photos and names of young children on her weird little blog. Every school makes parents sign a waiver before posting photos of their kids online because predators use the web to target children.

Does Manuela have waivers from the parents of these kids? Or she using them to get ahead politically without caring about whether she could be putting them in danger?