Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who Cares?

I just noticed that Robin Yess posted a comment to one of her own articles wherein she said:

"I hope that Richard does not run. It wouldn’t be good on many levels and I think he made a bad decision when he stayed in the Mayor’s race on the Conservative line last year. He helped no one with that maneuver"

I have received multiple phone calls, e-mails, and text messages wondering whether I am going to respond to Robin's latest tirade.  I do not really think any of her statements or antics require a substantial response, but I will just briefly say 3 things.

First, as to my running on the Conservative line for Mayor in 2011, it was a matter of honor.  I gave my word to the Conservative Party that I would run on their line regardless of the outcome of the Republican Primary.  I keep my word even if doing so does not "help" the political machinations of others.  To me, one's word and honor are more important than politics.  I therefore make no apology for keeping my word.

Second, I am not planning on running this year against Kevin.  If I did, however, I would fare a heck of a lot better than the 30% that Robin obtained in 2008.  

Finally, considering that Robin is the only person ever forced to resign the position of County Chairman of the Republican County Committee or face a vote of no confidence, I have little faith in any of her political prognostications or opinions.  Put another way, I just do not care what she says about me or anyone else.




In response to my post, Robin has added yet another foolish comment.  She writes:

"Could somebody ask Rich Cahill if it would have been a good idea for Rick Lazio to run on the Conservative line even though he lost the Republican Primary to Carl Paladino in the last Governor’s race? Mayor or Governor is still apples to apples. Point made."

My answer is quite simple.  In the case of Rick Lazio, Michael Long and the State Conservatives asked Rick Lazio to step aside and allow them to back another candidate.  Rich agreed.

If the Ulster and City Conservatives had asked me to step aside, I would have done so.  They did not.  In fact, they made it clear to me that they were holding me to my word and wanted me to run.  I honored my word and ran.

Perhaps Robin should try something new.  Maybe --just maybe-- she should learn the facts before engaging her mouth -- or computer keyboard as the case may be.


Anonymous said...

Your title is right. Who cares what Robin says? I don't.

I'm sure you know that she was pissed off at you because she was backing Turco-Levin. She wanted a female candidate and you were in the way.

Robin and Tony Sinagra worked very hard to get Andi the nomination over you. If anyone deserves the blame for what happened it's those two chuckleheads.

Ulster Resident said...

Don't worry about that fool. She's not worth even writing an article about.

Anonymous said...

Robin and her angry accomplices are doing nothing but attacking people. They have nothing substantive or positive to say ever. Now she and the other fools want to create beefs with people who have nothing to do with their garbage.

I wonder if they are suffering from some sort of mental short circuit.

Anonymous said...

Rich, kudos for you for taking the HIGH road. And have no fear, you wont bump into Robin or her little band of misfits on that road. In today's political picture, you are a breath of fresh air, a candidate who actually keeps their word. And of course, hypocrits like Robin Yess cannot deal with such integrity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard.

Did you see what that twit Robin Yess posted on her blog about you? She has never done one thing right in politics, not one! How come she thinks she can criticize you?

Here's her dumb ass comment.

Apparently I’ve ruffled some feathers with one of my comments on the previous Rooney Rumor post – oh! what else is new?

Could somebody ask Rich Cahill if it would have been a good idea for Rick Lazio to run on the Conservative line even though he lost the Republican Primary to Carl Paladino in the last Governor’s race? Mayor or Governor is still apples to apples. Point made.

Anonymous said...

Rich, your comments about Robin Yess are spot on. The are intelligent and articulate. Good job, don't let her bully you.

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with your politics, but have always respected you as a man of honor and willing to defend your opinions. That is all we can ask in the business of politics.

Ignore the Kindergarten comments. These people are too childish and have too much free time on their hands to go away but few are actually listening to anything they say.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot more respect for you when you ignored her.

bd said...

I would post an opposing viewpoint, Dick, but you NEVER post any other opposing POV, do you !

I have tried to post opposing points of view many, many times,

NO GUTS, No Glory, bro,

pathetic,, just like you & yr rationalised candidacies,,

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


You are a liar. There were no posts rejected on this article. None.

Based on the nature of your post, I doubt my readers would have felt cheated if they failed to see your comments.

Anonymous said...

Richard, I saw that Robin's band of bullies tried to say that they posted a comment which was censored on Mocking Robin, too. Looks like this is a common tactic with them because it is impossible to prove that no comment was sent.

For the record, people should assume they are reading a lie when anyone who defends Robin and her flipped out helpers says they posted something which wasn't published. This is what proves that these people are ugly minded cockroaches. They can't fight by telling the truth. They have to lie to make a point. What pathetic slugs.

Me Again, said...

hey 8:03

DO NOT call me a liar,

I have sent you many posts that were never posted, here,, 2 after Andi Turco-Levin lost ( thanks to you ) & others.

YOU didn't post them
want me to show you my comments from those attempted posts ??

WHO is the LIAR, now, Dicky ??


Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I repeat. YOU ARE A LIAR.

You can create new comments and claim I rejected them. They will be false and you know it.

Second, if you use my name, kindly remember that I respond to Richard, Rich, or Rick.

If you offer another post calling my Dick or Dicky, I WILL reject it. That's a promise.

If you have a problem with that, then come see me or call me. My number is in the book.

Anonymous said...

Me Again is probably that guy who loves to say he sent in posts when he didn't. Maybe he oughta spend more time picking fleas and lice from his beard and less time lying online.