Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Please Leave Me Out Of It.

A new blog has taken an old quote from my blog out of context and used it as part of an attack against another blogger.  While I appreciate my blog being read and appreciate being considered a source worthy of being cited, I have no issue with either of the bloggers.

If two bloggers have an issue with one another, that is their business.  Please keep me out of it.  I have more than enough drama in my life.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. The quote from your blog was clearly labeled as pertaining to a different matter:

Albeit about a different whopper, Rich Cahill’s description of Blaber’s blogging is fitting:

"This is without question the most vicious, idiotic, foolish, nonsensical, moronic, unfair, juvenile, and hateful attack piece I have ever seen. I have followed national, state, county, and city politics for many years. I have seen some real nasty stuff thrown out there by irresponsible candidates. This, however, takes the cake.”

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I do not deny writing that quote. It had to do with a bogus allegation being made against Nina Postupack.

I just have no desire to be involved in a feud between two other parties. My request is to be kept out of it.

Anonymous said...

Dogar is well known for nastiness and using his political websites to attack people he dislikes rather than acting in a constructive manner. Asking him to leave you out of it once he has decided to drag you in is like asking to have the moon delivered by the Domino's pizza guy.

Dogar and his wife are nothing but big babies running around calling people doodyheads because they dropped their lollipops in the dirt. People who are so totally immature shouldn't even be in politics.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I see now that I am being insulted by the web page in question because I claimed my quote was taken out of context and that I did not want to be involved in the feud.

Allow me to clarify. The quote was originally about an "issue" raise by Blaber against Nina Postupack. I wrote the quote and stand by it.

The quote is being used to attack Jeremy Blaber and his skills as a blogger. It is a different context, though not necessarily an improper use of the quote.

My only point is that I do not want to be dragged in to a feud that I have nothing to do with. For that, now I am being blasted.

Well, I am a big boy. If people want to take their shots, go ahead. I asked nicely to be left out of it. But, if I am to be dragged in despite my wishes to the contrary, so be it.

Anonymous said...


Just let it go. Those Rochester nuts will never stop. They are crazy, vicious, and obsessive.

You should ignore them completely. You have nothing to gain by even speaking of them. Just look at the stupid crap they write.

They compared Terry Bernardo to a Romanian dictator who summarily executed people. Terry is not the best Chair of the Legislature. She is not a murderer like the Romanian dictator. To say that is just plain nuts.

See what I mean? They are nuts. Just ignore them.