Friday, June 29, 2012

Everybody Wants to Get Into the Act

Now another blog (Ulster Cloak Room) has decided to attack me.  This blog --which is quite obviously an anonymous blog run by the same person as Smokeout-- questions my ability as a lawyer.  Here is his exact quote, "Lawyer Cahill is so inept at argumentation one wonders how he managed to pass the Bar Exam."

First, one does not "argue" in order to pass the New York State Bar Exam.   If you had any idea what you are talking about, you would know that the Bar Exam has two parts: a multi-state portion and a New York State portion with multiple choice questions and essay questions.  It is the most difficult professional examination in the world.  The fact that I passed the exam easily while your biggest accomplishment is that you managed to create a blog so that you can call people names in order to inflate your ego and continue stupid, personal, and petty feuds really shows the differences between us.

Finally, I did not "pick a fight" with you.  I warned you not to drag me into your conflict.  You refused to listen.  Now, you are upset about my responses to your childish antics.  Well, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this idiot? Why is he stalking you like this? Because you said that your quote being used with regards to things Jeremy said about Nina Postupack is a different context than using that quote in reference to what Jeremy said about his wife?

Well, duh. Jeremy told the truth about Mihailescu. That's a different context right there.

Message to Dogar:

Dogar, you frikking imbecile. Richard is smarter than you. You're going to get thrashed if you keep up this stupidity. Crap, man, Richard would have to lose like 80 IQ points to even start evening the playing field.

Stop this garbage before you really embarrass yourself. Better yet, move out of Ulster County. Nobody likes you. Nobody wants you. And everybody knows that your wife is a political incompetent. She can't even win an election without somebody else's coattails.

Don't be an ass. Oops. Too late.

Andrew Champ-Doran said...

Mr Cahill,

I have just read the post and discussion you refer to, and I am appalled by the content. I am posting a copy of my reply here.

"Andrew Champ-Doran12:23 PM, June 30, 2012

I am perplexed,

In my dealings with Mr. Cahill, I have found him to be honest, fair, and always willing to address the argument at hand. While I usually do not agree with him, I find him to be respectful in his discussion and honest in his opinion. At the very least, he signs his posts, and the blog he writes does not hide behind anonymity. His opinions may be unpopular, but he takes credit for them, as any human being with the freedom to express them should.

When it comes to wild accusations, maybe a consultation with a lawyer versed in the laws of liable and slander in New York State is in order. I'm not a lawyer, but I am not sure it is legal to allow your commentators to accuse someone of murder, or for a blogger to affirm and encourage those charges.

Though not a lawyer, I was, many years ago, a reporter. I can tell you that "murderer" is a legal term denoting someone who has been convicted of that crime, and use without a conviction in place leaves the writer, editor, and publisher open to all sorts of legal action.

-Andrew Champ-Doran

Anonymous said...

Jon and his wife are professional victims. The only way they can get any attention at all is by claiming that someone has done something to wrong them.

I'm just one of dozens in Rochester who used to be friends with them and supported them when that porn business was going on and who got bit in the ass by them when I wasn't useful any longer.

I don't want to name names but there were people who paid for lawyers for them, people who did research for them and investigated and people who stood up for them in lots of ways. Almost every one of us ended up screwed by them.

You found out the hard way (like we did) that all you have to do is disagree with Jon or Manu on one thing and you become an enemy for life.

Manuela isn't ever going to be elected to anything anymore. Too many people dislike her because she and Jon are hateful rats who bite every hand that tries to help them.

Anonymous said...

The nut has responded. He insists he has nothing to do with the Cloakroom. I think he's full of it.

This guy has become obsessed with you, Rich.