Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pretty Boy?

Once again, Jon Dogar Marinesco has decided to attack me on his blog.  His insults mean nothing to me.  I just consider the source.

However, this time he has given me a nickname.  Apparently, he calls me "Pretty Boy Attorney".  I should be flattered, but I guess I should remind him that I am married to a beautiful woman. 


Anonymous said...

Rich, once again you maintain the high road. Good for you. This Accord clown is so small potatoes that he counts for nothing. Attacking you and others is all he lives for. Hey one damn contructive thing you have ever done in your life, before you attack those that are succeeding in making a difference.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen his latest post about you? He's fixated. I'm not sure you're all that far off. Not sure about his masculinity but he kind of seems like a stalker now. Give it another month and he'll convince himself you two got married on Fiji 5 years ago. lmao