Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cahill vs. Cahill ??

People want to know whether I am running against Kevin Cahill.  The answer is no.

At the Republican County Convention, there was no candidate against Kevin Cahill.  I allowed the party to nominate me and use my name so the nomination could be kept open.  Petitions will be submitted and I will decline.  The committee on vacancies will then have the opportunity to place a new name on the ballot. 
I will do the same for the Conservative and Independence Parties if they ask. 

I do not want to see Kevin go unopposed.  If he wins, then that is the will of the people.  He should have an opponent though.

Now, some may want to know why I am not actually running.  A "Cahill vs. Cahill" race would be entertaining, though Kevin would have the advantage as an incumbent and having Row A, the first spot.  I do not know if I could win the election, but I most certainly would win the debates.

The reason is that I am just not up to a lengthy and rather huge campaign right now.  Dad died in February and I am only now just getting back solidly on my feet.  It has been the toughest four months of my life.  If I was going to run for any office, I would only do so if I could give 100% to the campaign.  I am still dealing with the loss of my father and trying to help the family as well.  I just cannot due it right now.

Maybe some year I will challenge Kevin and win the battle of the Cahills.  This year is not that year though.

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