Monday, June 18, 2012

I Tip My Hat To You, Sir!!

For nearly 10 years I have stated that Kingston should celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July, not in June.  During the most recent campaign, both Shayne Gallo and myself promised that we would change this.

Now, I must tip my hat to Mayor Gallo.  He has returned Kingston's celebration to July 4th -- where it belongs.  Kudos, Mr. Mayor.

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Lou said...

Mr. Cahill,

I agree. Although I nolonger live in NYS. It is a good move.

It brings back a memory of the day when I got burned lighting up a leftover firework at Dietz the next day with the usual gang stated below. It was not so much the burns, but what my mother did to me when I got home a block away. I will leave that out. Although I will say my Mother had a few words in Italian for the Kingston Fire Dept(I think they were the sponsor then.) for not cleaning up the night before.

I still remember the days of fireworks at Dietz Stadium as a young teenager w/Jim S, Mike M, and Fran O and Jules jr. and a current freeman contributor BK.

Man O man, those were the days. We had so much fun. Who knew how much time changes things. My how times change. I could go on , but you get the idea.

The six of us could probably do a movie or a book. It was a great time in my life and hope it was in there lives also. I miss their parents Mr&Mrs Sottile and Mr&Mrs Murphy. and Mr&Mrs Jules Albertini Sr. and Mr&Mrs O'Donnel.

Not sorry to ramble. It felt good to bring back memories of fun in Kingston.