Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What a showing.

Shayne Gallo turned in over 700 signatures for the Democrat line for Mayor.

With the city committee endorsing Noble and candidates and committeemen threatened with ramifications if they carried for him, Gallo had to get outside volunteers.

To get that many is impressive.  I guess rumors of his political demise were greatly exaggerated.

Also, petitions were turned in for the Conservative line by both Gallo and Polacco.  Barring challenges, there will be a primary.

I will report on the balance of the lines and petitions soon.


Anonymous said...

Not bad, but you're overestimating the efforts of the committee to intervene. I am aware of several alderman and one alderman at large candidate who worked very hard to get signatures

Anonymous said...

What is significant is the number of city committeemen who had every opportunity to work long and hard, perhaps even wear out a pair of shoes to make sure their candidate has enough signatures to get on the ballot. We all know committeemen for the most part are lazy and get the bare minimum signatures. The numbers for the "kid" should have been much greater. The Mayor's efforts are commendable and outstanding. Great job!!!