Saturday, July 18, 2015

Major Embarrassment for City Democrat Leadership

It is very rare that party leadership dumps an incumbent.  When they do, they have to make sure they have a strong candidate who is willing to go to the mat.  As they say, you don't wound the King.

City Democrat Leadership are what I call "Anti-Gallocrats".  Thy hate Shayne Gallo and hate anyone who supports him or becomes his friend.  Their hatred is to the extreme.

This year, the leadership decided to get rid of incumbent Democrat Mayor Shayne Gallo, 7th Ward Alderwoman, Mary Ann Mills, and 2nd Ward Alderman Bran Seche.  So, they got former multi-term Alderman and Majority Leader Bill Reynolds out of moth bolls and gave him the nomination fr te 7th ward, gave an unknown person suggested by Tom Hoffay the 2nd Ward spot, and Steve Noble the Mayor's spot.

Meanwhile, Mary Ann Mills filed petitions for a Democrat primary and for the Independence and Conservative lines.  Seche carried petitions for the same 3.  So did Gallo.

All of a sudden, Bill Reynolds announces that he is withdrawing from the race citing personal and family obligations. Many wonder why he got out.  Some speculate that he expected Mills to just go away and run unopposed.  Others postulate that he could not get permission from his job to run.  Personally, I accept the reason Bill gave.  However, the Anti-Gallocrats are left with egg on their face.

The Anti-Gallocrats have a few options, though none are particularly palatable for them:

1)  The swallow their pride and endorse Mills.  Unlikely.  That would require them to accept someone with ties to Gallo.

2)  They leave it blank and allow Mills to win without Party Committee support.  Then, they will suck up after the election.  Foolish.  Mills is not stupid.  She will not be receptive to this.

3)  They find another candidate to take a beating.  It is not likely that someone would be stupid enough to get into a race against in an incumbent who has 2 lines guaranteed and run a primary.

No matter what they do,the Anti-Gallocrats are left with egg on their face.

It potentially gets much worse.  The grant scandal is a REAL problem for Steve Noble.  More and more damaging information keeps coming out.  The defense now is no longer that Steve is innocent.  Instead, the defense is that the focus was put on him because of politics.  They are calling it a witch hunt.

The term "witch hunt" in politics is used whenever the target of same cannot be defended on the facts or law.  So, the term "witch hunt" is used to attack the people making the accusations.  Now that it is becoming clear that Noble cannot be defended on the facts or the law, the attacks are going against the accusers.

Most importantly however, to paraphrase the late Tony Crespino, the public is not as stupid as politicos think they are.  People in the city realize that Steve Noble is way over his head.  He is not ready for prime time and is not ready for the big chair.  It begins to look like Gallo will win the democrat primary. Since Noble did not file for any party line, he will be off the ballot.

Seche will likely defeat Douglas Koop.  Nobody really knows the guy.

Should this happen, the Anti-Gallocrats will be completely humiliated.  Their entire political support dries up.  Then, next year, when it is time for petitions for committeemen, look for challenges against people like Hoffay, Landi, both Donaldsons (and the family members appointed to rig the convention), Blaber, Dunn, Will and so forth.  Most will find themselves voted off the committee.  A new chair will be appointed and the humiliation will be complete.

As I noted above, you do not wound the King.  If you do, the consequences are severe.


Anonymous said...

Rich, why won't Blaber admit he runs that goodfellas blog? It is clearly him. No posts when he is in jail. Same stupid grammar errors like your instead of you're.

Everybody knows it's him. Why won't he admit it?

Anonymous said...

Witch hunt is when a government or entity persecutes an individual or group unfairly by fostering a moral panic. It has nothing to do with the lack of a defense in law or fact. In this case that seems accurate

Anonymous said...

Do you think Noble will accept an Alford plea ?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Whenever a politico cannot defend himself on the facts, he accuses his adversary of engaging in a witch hunt. It's an old political stunt.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are aware that Mills through marriage is related to Shayne closed knit family that also runs a funeral home. Never under estimate either "family" both rise to the occasion!!but in the end vote the party line.

Anonymous said...

I hate the party line" I have decided not to run due to personal and family issues" What Bullshit..... what??? did they just come up? He has had problems all along with family issue. he was getting divorced on his last term on the council. Somebody at Democratic Hoffay HDQ blew smoke up his butt... Guess Hoffay will now have to get a real job(one he needs to apply for and not appointed) if he was counting on being City Clerk..
Word to Stevie Boy..not classy to blame a volunteer organization. You supposedly had the knowledge but failed to impart leadership with that group. How about just a simple phone call to check in with them? Make sure things were understood before having them proceed? As to Mills she needs to send them where the sun doesn't shine...She is smart enough to see them for their duplicity. Strong woman, hard worker for tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, Can you tell where I am posting this from? you can just answer and not post this... Wondering...

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Yes and no. I have a program that I attached to my blog years ago that will give me the IP address of any computer posting to my site. If I needed to, I could use the IP address to trace it.