Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mayoral War Chests

The Daily Freeman reported that Mike Hein was a much larger war chest than Terry Bernardo.  However, no article has appeared discussing the Mayoral election in Kingston.  Certain loudmouths have been making accusations that candidate's fundraisers have been poorly attended or obtained little results.  No evidence has been offered to back up these claims.

So, since we just had the July Periodic reports filed with the Board of Elections, I thought I would share with you the current financial standing of all three candidates.  Let the evidence speak for itself.

Ron Polacco reports $2,065.89 on hand.  The overwhelming majority of his donations are from individuals and in small amounts.  So, while his cash on hand places him third and just behind Steve Noble,the fact that the donations are from numerous individuals is a very positive sign.

Steve Noble reports $3,655.28 on hand.  However, nearly 1/3 of his donations came from 5 people all of whom are known Gallo haters: Hoffay, Landi, Will, Dunn, and Martin.  Just from those 5, Noble received $1,185.00.  There are also several people who have appeared to donate several times.

This suggests that while Noble has more cash on hand than Polacco, his support may not be much more than a house of cards.  There appear to be more people donating to Polacco though the people supporting Noble seem to be fired up Anti-Gallocrats.

By the way, although a local blog proclaimed that Kevin Cahill "endorsed" Noble, there is no reported donation from the Assemblyman.  As I posted before, Kevin Cahill is too politically shrewd to make a formal endorsement in a city primary.

Finally, we come to Shayne Gallo.  Gallo has $11,486.88 on hand per BOE records.  This is more than double the combined war chests of both his opponents.  He also appears to have more labor support than Noble. Donations appear from Laborers Local 17, Operating Engineers Local 825, and HV Building Construction Trade Council.  Also Gallo was endorsed by CSEA and their check will come soon.  Having been endorsed for Mayor previously by CSEA and other unions, I know first hand that their endorsement brings money and support to a campaign.  In a Democrat primary, the support of unions is huge.

In summary, Gallo is well ahead on the question of campaign funds.  Polacco may not have a lot of money, but he does seem to have a number of supporters.  If the ticket in November ends up with 3 candidates, Polacco could well have a shot.

Noble appears to be in trouble.  His support seems largely based on Hoffay, Landi, Will, Dunn, and so forth.  While these Anti-Gallocrats are angry and fired up, it remains to be seen if Tom Hoffay and his feathers can carry Noble through the primary.


Anonymous said...

Rich, excellent rebuttal to the naysayers who say Gallo is not getting financial support. Money talks and so does the money trail..... Sickly report for Steve Noble. Curious if Jim Noble has a "war chest" in which he might throw some money towards his nephew.

Anonymous said...

Is there a war chest for Alderman at large? Or is it strictly coat tail riding?

Anonymous said...

Well based on Steve Noble's war chest don't think Uncle Jim is going to ride real far. Maybe to the corner and back.....