Tuesday, July 14, 2015

He did?

Got a phone call earlier from some politicos asking me what I thought about Kevin Cahill "endorsing" Steve Noble for Mayor.

Surprised, I asked when did he do that? There was a Freeman article where Kevin spoke about the Forsyth Park grant, but there was no formal endorsement.

I don't like Kevin, but I admit that he is a crafty politico.  He would not endorse a candidate in a Democrat primary and risk alienating voters.  That would be very stupid.  Kevin is not politically stupid.

So, having shown that Kevin did not formally endorse Noble, I asked them where they got such bad information.

Their answer?  Well, I think you can guess.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting considering the Mayor's son works for Cahill! Sounds like more diatribe from Hoffay & his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Rich, did you see the attack against you on the goodfellas blog?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Why would I care what an irrelevant political "never was" is writing on his blog? That guy's misinformation is exceeded only by his atrocious use of the English language, and his excessive use of obscenity is obviously intended to cover for lapses in intellect.

The truth is that nobody likes it when someone attacks them with obscenities and lies. However, there is nothing I can do about it. Blaber will continue to attack me and write his filth, except of course when he is a resident of the "County Hotel".

Anonymous said...

Kevin Cahill gloated what a n honorable person Steve Noble was!,, in others words don't trust the not for profit facts. Kevin Cahill is a disgrace

Anonymous said...

Under the disguise of Kevin Cahill, his grant coordinator aka T. Hoffay authors the praise of a dedicated City worker when the district office should have refrained from offering any comment. T. Hoffay, the ringleader of the breakfast club meetings have congregated on how to plot and scheme against the current administration at City Hall. T. Hoffay and the rest of his evil conspirators should go away, far, far away...