Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No More Live Public Access

As people are now aware, pre-taped shows of a very limited nature are being broadcast on channel 23 out of Esopus.  There are 2 things; however, that most do not know.

First, any tapes submitted are being reviewed for content.  Anything controversial will not be aired.  Basically, if your opinions are considered out of the mainstream, they will not be aired.

Second, all of the equipment for live broadcasting is gone.  The Public Access Commission never paid its bill at the storage company.  They left all of the live studio equipment in the storage unit and it was auctioned off in October.  I have been unable to learn who bought it other than that the person was a dealer who promptly sold off all of the equipment.

Thus, there is little chance of ever seeing live shows again unless money magically appears to buy  new equipment.  Given the terrible economy, it seems unlikely.  One must wonder why the commission could not have found a closet somewhere to store the equipment.  There is storage space in the upper levels of City Hall where the stuff could have been stored.  Why did the Commission do nothing?  I suspect they wanted to eliminate live programming.

A valuable community resource has been lost.  Whether it was lost through incompetence or by design may never be known.

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