Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Empty Suit

The Daily Star, a left leaning newspaper from Oneonta, endorsed Congressman Gibson today.  What is striking, however, are the comments by the newspaper about Julian Schreibman.  The paper wrote:

"This year, the 19th District leans a bit more Democratic. However, any opportunity the Democrats might have had to defeat Gibson has been severely hampered by the quality of their candidate.

We have listened to the arguments of Julian Schreibman and have come away with the impression that he is — to put it bluntly — an empty suit.
Rather than come up with any specific proposals for what he would do as a member of Congress to help our area and the nation, Schreibman’s campaign has consisted almost entirely of ad hominem attacks against Gibson.
In debates and his television advertisements, Schreibman seems content to tell voters what he thinks they want to hear rather than offer a vision for the future. It’s not enough to tell people you are for gun rights and against fracking. It’s not enough to tell folks that your opponent is a bum.
While we are far more comfortable with Schreibman’s positions on social issues, the political adage of “you can’t beat somebody with nobody” applies in this election."  
{emphasis added by me}


Anonymous said...

Schreibman IS an empty suit. They got it right.

Anonymous said...

Leave him on the hanger and walkaway. No policy or plan of action has come across his lips!

Anonymous said...

Gibson wins with 57% of the vote.