Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Ongoing Debate

Right after the election, I posted a brief article wherein I expressed my concern over the demise of the American Republic.

I was contacted by Mr. Champ-Doran of (http://kingstonbarn.wordpress.com) first by a response and then by a phone call.  He asked my permission to post the article and our responses on his blog to start a debate back and forth between our blogs.

I gave my permission and we agreed as gentlemen to offer an insightful, intelligent, and respectful debate.  Our topic is the potential demise of the American Republic and, as an internal and secondary topic, the constitutionality of socialism or redistribution of wealth.

Thus far, the debate has been excellent and I have enjoyed it.  I urge you to look at the comments and the updates in the RIP article below.  You can also look at Mr. Champ-Doran's web site listed above.

I urge you to join our debate with comments on the RIP thread, on this thread, or on Mr. Champ-Doran's blog.  All I ask is that your comments be respectful, on point, and intellectually stimulating.

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