Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Conspiracy? Really??

There is an article in the Kingston Times that has a comment from Republican Chairman Tony Sinagra that has me both laughing and scratching my head. Here is the clip:

"Kingston Republican Committee Chairman Tony Sinagra, stinging from the defeat of a candidate whom he has actively endorsed, accused Cahill, Polacco, and fourth-place contender Jean Jacobs of working together to undermine Turco-Levin's prospects and the party's best chance in two decades to retake the mayor's office."

According to Sinagra, it was a conspiracy against Andi Turco-Levin that cost her the election. Ron Polacco, Jean Jacobs, and myself apparently hatched a brilliant scheme to go out and get hundreds if signatures each, attend debates and various political events, and walk door to door throughout the city not in an attempt to win the Primary, but instead just to "undermine Turco-Levin's prospects".

Is he delirious?

All three of us wanted to win, and all three of us felt betrayed and mistreated by Tony Sinagra. That is where the similarities end. We ran separate campaigns and tried to win. In the end, Ron won the Republican line fair and square. I won the Conservative line fair and square. Tony's candidate lost both primaries.

At least Andi Turc0-Levin showed some class after her defeat. She offered no excuses and took her defeat like an adult. Perhaps Sinagra should learn to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever stop to think he was referring to your actions at the Board of Elections the day the absentees were counted. It was clear to anyone in that room it was exactly what you were doing.

Anonymous said...

This is a case of the Emporer having no class, clothes, or brains...smitty

Anonymous said...

Sinagra HAS TO GO!!! His press tirade might be funny, but he is seriously deluded. What a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Time for him to be shown the door. The council could end up 8-1 or worst case scenario 9-0. Good job Tony! Polacco is an empty suit with zero plan or viaion and must rely on the ideas of others.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Your identity is very obvious since there were only a handful of people in the room. You are either Tony or Andi. Nevertheless, allow me to enlighten you as to my motives at the Board of Elections.

My plan was to make sure the primary was decided that day. I did not want to see a lengthy court battle. So, when Andi's lawyer started objecting left and right to ballots, I offered legal objections as well. In the end, there were 20 ballots challenged, 13 by Andi's lawyer and 7 by me.

I picked 7 ballots I felt confident were going to Andi. My plan was to make sure Andi was down by at least a few votes so I could offer to withdraw my objections in return for Andi's lawyer dropping his. This way, all ballots would get counted that day.

In the end, this is exactly what happened. All my actions did was make sure the votes were counted and the election decided. In reality, I probably saved Andi thousands of dollars in court fees.

Regardless, my intention was to get the matter over with and I accomplished that.

I will admit, however, that I enjoyed seeing the look on Tony's face when the candidate he had pushed from the very beginning went down to defeat.

Finally, as I said in the article, Ron, Jean, and myself had nothing against Andi. All of us, however, felt betrayed and mistreated by Sinagra. There was no conspiracy, but we did enjoy seeing the look on Tony's face when the primary ended.

Anonymous said...

The people voted and the results are in.
No one person is liable for anyone winning or losing, too bad Sinagra isnt smart enough to understand this.
IF you challenged every single vote, it would not have changed the outcome, and all this is, is someone trying to spread the blame for thier failures.
Andi and Tony lost, period.
Its no suprise to most of us, so move on.

Anonymous said...

1109, so what you are saying is that during a legal process at the board of elections, Rich acted like a lawyer. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, that's what he is trained to do. Since when is a lawyer doing lawyering constitute a conspiracy?

Get over it. Your candidate was beaten in the primary and then beaten again at the board of elections. The fact that she hired counsel to accompany her to the board and then her chosen attorney was so clearly manipulated by Chris Burns and Rich Cahill raises real questions about her judgement of talent.

When all is said and done, this election continues to show how out of touch, incompetent and irrelevant the party leadership is on both sides of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Gallo wins the election with only 35% or the vote. Cahill and Polacco will split 60%. Gallo would not have a chance in a two way race.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Gallo will get a lot more than 35% of the vote. No Democrat running for Mayor gets less than 45% with the current numbers.

He is the favorite to win whether it is a 2 person race or the 4 person race it currently is.

Anonymous said...

Sinagra is so out of touch with reality it is not funny. He should not have supported any of the candidates until the primary was over. Big mistake. And for him to accuse each of you of conspiring against his "little miss full of herself replant" is over the top. He thinks he's going to take credit for Polacco's win and escort him into City Hall come January 1? The charade is over for Sinagra and the best thing he could do at this point is resign and step aside for the good of the party.(The Insider)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you think Gallo gets 35 % of the vote you are insane.

Shayne will have the united Democratic party vote (there is no split in thr democrtic party that the prospect of Mayor Polacco won't heal), all the independence and working families vote, the vast majority of the non-enrolled (generally vote democrat) and strong support of a significant portion of the Spada guard republicans.

Realistically, we are look at a landslide, likely well over 60%

While Polacco cant be underestimated, and he will work hard to pull off a huge upset, unless Gallo screws up big time, on Janaury first we will be swearing in Mayor Gallo.

As Sinagra so eloquently stated absent some huge mishap, Shayne may as well start printing the stationary.

Anonymous said...

Rich, half of the dems are against Gallo. Some may still go along party lines, but I for one am not pulling the Gallo lever. I agree with 9:19. Do not underestimate your chances. Many Dems like myself are fed up with the way the City is going down the toilet under democratic rule.

Anonymous said...

3:32 - I think Shayne's opposition to the ridiculous Queen's Galley proposal proves that he's not at all like Sottile with his endless give-aways. Polacco had to think about it. How much thought do you have to put into about giving away a piece of property for $1 and giving it a PILOT that will be a fraction of its current tax liability? Thankfully, Shayne said a resounding "no" - and if you go on Diane Reeder's FB page, he's ticked off a lot of libs. Funny enough, Ms. Reeder also has the support of Paul Benkert. Paul doesn't live in the city, but is promising to tell his family and friends who do [live in the city] not to vote for Shayne. Yeah...let's vilify someone for being fiscally conservative and not burdening the taxpayers even more.

Anonymous said...

5;24, Shane does not have the support that you think he has. He is not well liked and is gonna have his hands full in this election with Polacco.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to Tony Singra recently and according to him "I was not backing anyone, and was waiting for the primary to see what happened". Some how I don't believe him. But will give him credit in that (he says) he is backing Polacco now.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Tony Sinagra is a liar.

He was backing Andi from the very beginning. First, he told the committee that he would back whomever was selected by the candidate's committee.

After they chose me, even with him pressuring the committee, he changed his position and announced he would wait until the entire committee made its choice.

Then, on the night of the convention, he worked the crowd and pulled committee people aside to drum up support for Andi. Several committee people told me about his efforts at the convention.

Then, during the Primary election season, he pushed Andi as hard as he possibly could. He even held committee meetings in her headquarters.

If he told you, he was not supporting Andi and was waiting for the Primary results, then he is an even bigger liar than I ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, certain of your readers have never spent any time walking the city with Mr. Gallo. Wherever he goes he is greeted by members of the community that encourage him to run, voice their full support, and express appreciation for everything he and his family have contributed to the community. The endless positive comments are generally unsolicited and clearly heartfelt.

Disagree all you want with the positive sentiment in the community, but you are deluding yourself if you deny that he has the overwhelming support of the people on the street.

Anonymous said...

Rich, you will never be mayor of Kingston. You are way too conservative for this city. Give it up. It ain't happening. Shayne Gallo will win by landslide.

Anonymous said...

Rich I agree with you 100 percent. Tony is a liar, and cannot believe he told me that to my face. He must think we are all as dumb as he is.

Anonymous said...

Sinagra could not be trusted from the beginning when he was stacking the committee with weighted votes. He will be the demise of the City Committee. He is evil. He and his slick brother should permanently retire to warner climates and let new leaders take over. It was hilarious though to see Sinagra walking around with a Polacco sticker on at the Italian Festival. Really?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I will never change who I am to win an election. If the voters citywide do not choose me, I can live with that.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I have seen Gallo at many events. He and I are colleagues and get along very well. I do not underestimate him.

There is a reason the Gallo family has never lost an election in Kingston.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. On Andi Turco-Levin's facebook she posted a picture of all the people who worked so hard on her campaign. And standing right there smiling at the camera is Tony Sinagra. Yet he says he was not backing anyone? Liar.