Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Statement From My Campaign Team

Unity has always been a major theme in the history of American politics. Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as having said that "We must all hang together or we shall surely hang separately."

Nowhere is there greater truth in this principle than when it comes to local elections. Unity on its own, however, is not enough. When it comes to the race for Mayor of Kingston, it is vital that Republicans and Conservatives unite behind the right candidate, a candidate who can actually win, a candidate who has the ability to do the job, a candidate with a detailed, workable plan.

We all know that it is not possible for a Republican to win a citywide election in Kingston unless he also has the support of the Conservative Party. We also know that the Conservative Party does not compromise when it comes to its values, nor should its members be asked to do so.

There is only one candidate who fits the bill when it comes to the ability to win, the skills and talent to be a solid Mayor for Kingston and a real plan which will make this City great again. Fortunately, he is also the one Republican candidate who most closely stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Kingston's Conservatives when it comes to values, as evidenced by their strong, unwavering support for their choice for Mayor this year.

The Richard Cahill for Mayor Campaign is asking Conservatives and Republicans of good conscience to unite behind the only candidate who is capable of uniting this City and bringing back both prosperity and safety to Kingston. Please make sure you get to the polls on Tuesday, September 13 and cast your ballot for Richard Cahill for Mayor of Kingston.

"United we stand, divided we fall..." (Abraham Lincoln)


Anonymous said...

It's time for Sottile and company to go. I don't trust the Council either.

We need a Mayor from the other party to balance things out.

You're right that only a Republican with both lines can win. A split gives us either Gallo or Hayes. Since you have the Conservative line, I'm going to vote for you in the Republican Primary.

What good would it be to vote for Andi, Ron, or Jean if they can't get both lines? It'd be like voting for Gallo or Clement.

Good luck Rich.

Anonymous said...

Your property and your money is not safe as long as the Council is in session.

Anonymous said...

I'm registered Democrat,however always vote for what is right.
That being said, I believe that Rich Cahill is absolutely the right choice for mayor. Paul Wesolowski