Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looks Like Polacco and I Split the Lines

I was very pleased to win the Conservative Primary by a 2 to 1 margin over the balance of the field. I have always considered myself to be a Conservative Republican and thus take great pride in taking 65% of the vote in the Conservative Primary

I was disappointed, however, to lose the Republican Primary. Though Andi has declared victory, I believe Ron Polacco has actually won the Primary. There are 102 absentee ballots to be counted. Ron turned in 3/4 of those ballot applications himself. Since he trails by only 21 votes, I believe Ron will win the Republican Primary by 10 votes or less.

I congratulate Ron on one heck of an effort. He worked very hard and his "shoe leather" campaign appears to have paid off. I knew once he was on the Primary ballot that my chances were not strong since we both come from the same ward and he is the current Alderman.


joe frank said...

It seems like its time for you to enroll yourself into the Conservative Party if you are the Conservative nominee.

Anonymous said...

I must say, I was quite surprised that you did not win the Rep primary and came in 3rd. I would have voted for you if I was a Rep, (I am an enrolled Dem) and would have most likely voted for you in the general election, which is a big deal for me, because I generally disagree with everything the Rep party stands for today. You said you applauded Ron's shoe leather. How was your own shoe leather? Did you get out and meet enough people? I have frequently posted here previously about your need to interact with the populace, if indeed you are serious about winning a city-wide race. Yet, not one of my Republican friends met you in a door-to-door interaction. Yes, you had fundraisers with people who you know for sure support you. There are obviously not enough of them to win. I think you have great ideas, but there is a big hurdle you have yet to conquer on the personality side, which I know you interpret as sticking to your principles, and refusing any compromise. Although you won't admit it, and yes, it is possible to win with just the Conservative line (in that it is possible Army could beat the NE Patriots),but you and I know the reality of not winning the Republican line, and I am certainly disappointed for you and for me as a Kingstonian.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I went through every ward. I spoke with hundreds of people. There were many places where people just were not home and I left them literature and a note.

I walked the city and did my part. My 65% win in the Conservative Primary demonstrates that.

As far as the Republican line, Andi took 40% of the counted vote and Ron took 39%, while I took 20.7% and Jean took .03%.

I am disappointed to have run third, but it was not due to a lack of effort.

Anonymous said...

Rich dont let this bring you down, this primary just goes to show you that people vote on popularity, not qualifications.
Sad but true, and Kingston continues to show its ignorance when it comes time to elect people that are ready to lead and make changes.

Here is an example, 4 years ago the majority voted in a popular failure, and see where we are now?

You are a good man and tireless worker, stick with that and let the masses deal with the failures they wasted thier votes on!

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

To clear the record, I am proud to have won the Conservative Primary. I will not disrespect that party or their members who worked so hard for me.

I will run on the Conservative line in November.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, maybe by then the people will get to listen to the other parties candidates, and maybe a debate or two (if they can show up this time).
Once people actaully listen to them and they show thier inexperience, they may see the light.
Its too bad you werent better looking and had a big cheesey smile, it seems that is how we base our votes in Ktown.

Anonymous said...

Rich -

I'm not making any accusations, but if you would point me to the quote where Andi has "declared victory", I would appreciate it.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


She declared victory at her campaign headquarters last night.