Thursday, September 22, 2011

Polacco Declared GOP Nominee

After several hours of recounting, Ron Polacco was declared the winner of the GOP Primary by 10 votes. He now joins Shayne Gallo, Steve Laden, and myself on the November ballot.

The Democrat Primary remains too close to call. Gallo leads by 6 votes with 26 ballots being contested, likely going to court shortly. The Independence Primary went to Gallo by 1 vote. Though there is one ballot for Hayes that was challenged, it likely means nothing. A tie would be decided by Len Bernardo, the County Chairman. He has been a strong supporter of Gallo.

It looked like the Republican Primary was headed to court. Andi Turco-Levin's attorney challenged ballots from the very beginning. Realizing this, I started challenging ballots myself. At the end, they challenged 13 and I challenged 7 ballots. I offered to withdraw my objections if they would do the same. They agreed to open 14 of 17 and I accepted. Ron's lead grew from 4 to 9 and it was over. The last 3 were opened extending Polacco's lead to 10 votes.

I congratulate Ron on winning the Republican Primary. With me winning the Conservative Primary, it sets forth an interesting scenario. The candidate picked and pressed by Chairman Sinagra lost both primaries and is now off the ballot. The two Republicans rejected by the Chairman are the last 2 standing. Seems to me like the GOP needs a new City Chairman.

As for the November ballot, the only remaining question is whether Hayes Clement can come from behind and win the Democrat Party line. If he does, there will be an unprecedented 5 party race for Mayor.


Anonymous said...

Well who would listen to Tony Sinagra anyway? WTF are people in this city thinking, although a nice guy, he is not someone that I would consider to be a leader or wordly man with a vision.
Rich, you should give the GOP the big fat finger and team up with Gallo and create a super ticket worth voting for.( I know its not possible, but I can dream right?)
After the GOP and its legions have decided to vote against you (and honestly you will not gain enough votes on the conservative line to win), it might be time to rethink your loyalties to a group of failures that cant get past thier own egos!
I personally will be voting for you, even though I know we are the long shot.
But man would I be happy to see you join forces with Shayne to take back our city as you two are the most qualified!

Anonymous said...

I too will be voting for you Rich. I really don't think Gallo is that qualified and he is a member of the good ol boys. I hear Spada and co. already have there hooks in him. Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

2 lawyers to take back the city? Aren't lawyers the predominate career of politicians in Washington? We know how dysfunctional that is!! You need a businessman to be in the mix. What is your rationale 12:35? Just because they were born and raised here? We need someone to look objectively to see what this city needs and what ails it.Not someone who is trying to make it what it used to be. That cannot happen as we have witnessed this for almost 20 years. A city has to move forward in order to survive and we have become stagnated. I want a Mayor who can motivate, be charismatic,intelligent and possess "a can- do- attitude." Obviously not another Sottile. I will base my vote on an individual who can do that no matter what party they are in. I like some of Rick Cahill's plan but a lot of people feel that he comes off as being on a vendetta, trying to right the wrongs to him. This conflict between him and city party chair is so telling. I have talked with some old time Kingstonians of all party affiliations and they have voiced that same thought.

Anonymous said...

Rich, what a gift to the dem's. A 4 or 5 candidate race. Tony Slobra really knows how to pick-um. Maybe we can get Joe Marcetti on the nallot for mayor too? Stay in make it real intresting for all voters to watch.

Anonymous said...

Joe Marchetti should be city chairman and while doing so deliver the mail of a pink slip to Sinagra and paint the other idiots into a corner. LOL

Anonymous said...

I based my opinion on Rich's never waivering position on the issues over the last 5 years.
He has made more valuable recommendations that have been ignored because of a vendetta by the current admin, and I too would be pissed if I were in his shoes.
The current admin didnt take well to having an intelligent person showing the masses what fools they are.
I dont exactly how Rich would have handled the business end of running the city, but I have to assume he is intellignet enough not to let us all get screwed like the current admin has. He cant be any worse than Sottile!
I think Richs plan to clean the city, and rid the city of the current "lets waste money attitude" was right on track, its too bad people dont vote with thier brains instead of thier hearts.
We will never know if we just passed on the best man for the job!

Anonymous said...

Which Spada are you so concerned about, since non of them have a city based business or are involved in any city bids for work?
If they donated to a candidate because they feel they are qualified, does that mean the candidate is on the take because of someones last name?
This is an assinine statement that stinks of jeasoulsy and ignorance.
Shayne ran a solid campaign and was backed by more than one family and I personally know that some of the Spadas were pulling for Rich, does that make Rich crooked too?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I know many of you are upset about the results of the Primary.

Certainly, I would have preferred to have won the Republican line, though I am pleased to have won the Conservative line. That being said, Ron won the Republican line fair and square. Gallo won the Democrat line fair and square.

Of the remaining four candidates (Gallo, Polacco, Laden, and myself), I just hope the winner can turn Kingston around and get us back on the right track.