Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Turco-Levin Calls for Ban on Rifles, Shotguns, BB Guns and then Withdraws it

Yesterday, I was contacted by the Daily Freeman to comment on a proposal by Andi Turco-Levin. It seems that a person in her ward called the police because she saw a man walking his dog carrying what she believed was a rifle or shotgun.

When the Police arrived, they learned that the man was carrying a BB rifle because he had been previously threatened or attacked by a stray dog and he wanted to protect himself and his dog. Since this is not illegal, the police wished him a good evening.

Andi sent an e-mail asking the Common Council to create a ban throughout the City of Kingston on shotguns, rifles, BB guns, pellet guns, paint guns, etc. So, a person going to hunt who carried his rifle to his car would have violated this proposed law. From her e-mail, Andi said, "To address the BB gun issue, perhaps we can look at this through the Laws & Rules Committee to change the legislation. I am forwarding this on to Jim Noble and Chairman Senor to have this up for discussion at an upcoming Committee meeting."

The law currently in Kingston is that an Adult may carry a BB gun, loaded or unloaded. A child may not unless with a parent or guardian. An adult may carry a rifle or shotgun so long as it is not loaded. The purpose of this law is to allow people to transport their rifles to the range or to a hunting site.

Andi, however, proposed a law to ban all rifles, shotguns, BB guns, pellet guns, paint guns, etc., which is of course a blatant violation of the Second Amendment. I made this point rather forcefully to the Freeman reporter.

It is my understanding that Ed Gaddy, the County Conservative Chairman, also rejected this idea and declared that Andi's campaign slogan should be "Big Sister is Watching".

The article was set to run tomorrow (Thursday). However, this morning, Andi called the Freeman saying that she did not want the article to run. She sent an e-mail to Alderman-at-Large Noble asking that the Laws and Rules Committee hold off on the proposal until she researched it further. As a result, the Freeman is not running the article tomorrow. I have no doubt that one of Andi's advisers told her how foolish it would be to take this position during a Republican and Conservative Primary.

I think there are 2 points to consider here. First, the fact that Andi submits proposed legislation before researching it and without knowing the law speaks volumes. This morning, there was an error in the video attached to the article about one of my tax proposals. Instead of Andi's response to that, there was a portion of the video from Andi about her gun proposal wherein she said people should not be allowed to carry loaded shotguns on city streets. That is already the law. Perhaps one should know what the law is before seeking to amend it.

Second, and of greater concern, is Andi's blatant disregard for hunters, sportsmen, and people who enjoy using rifles for target practice. People have the right to own a shotgun or a rifle. People also may own a bb gun or a paint gun. Many people are involved in a recreation involving paint guns where they have battles and so forth using safety equipment in controlled environments. Andi's proposal would have banned all of these things within city limits. This is not the first time that Andi has proposed wielding government power to take away people's rights.

Should people be wandering the streets with loaded rifles? No. The law already prohibits that. But, if someone wants to use a bb gun for target practice in the woods by shooting at tin cans on a log, or wants to participate in a paint ball game, or wants to transport their rifle to go deer hunting, that is their business and their right. Yet, Andi proposed taking those rights away.

I am a conservative Republican. I believe in the Second Amendment. I also do not believe in the government taking away people's rights and freedoms. In short, I am not a believer in big government.

I wish the Freeman ran this story. I think more people should be made aware of what Andi proposed and her subsequent actions. It speaks volumes about her candidacy.


Anonymous said...

She's not ready for the job of Mayor. She's obviously drunk with political power and wants to ban everything.

Cigarettes, cats, yard sales, bb guns. Where does it end?

Anonymous said...

The ignorance o0f Turco-Levin is dangerous, embarassing, and poses a threat to the constitution.She should resign from this race as she takes the little remaining credibilty of the Rep. party and destroys it.Her "thought" process should be exposed and critiqued.The lunacy of her candidacy is only comprehensibe in the universe of Sinagra.

Anonymous said...

Republicans need to wake up: Clement and Gallo are both licking their chops at the prospect of running against Andi in the fall, especially Clement, since he would swipe more than half her "base" (affluent old-school GOP voters) on morning 1 of a general election campaign.

Like 'em or not, Clement and Gallo are both very strong debaters and campaigners, and you, Rich, are the only GOP candidate who can stand down either, clearly.

Anonymous said...

I hope you win the primary. Gallo and Clement would destroy Andi or Ron.

Anonymous said...

Ban on BB Guns to ward off stray dogs? Don't we have a dog warden who should be called to the scene? Really, I would be really p***** off if someone fired rounds of bb's into my pets. I wish the article had appeared as well to show how out of touch "little miss priss" is with her candidacy for mayor. It is just too laughable for words.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

Ladies and Gentlemen there are so many financial critical issues, quality of life issues, lack of jobs, increasing taxiation, re-val assessments, homestead-verses non homesstead, code enforcement, reduce spending facing the City of Kingston, that I find it amusing that Andi Turco Levin would even entertain something of this nature. Most Concerning.

Anonymous said...

What did nitwit Sinagra have to say about his gal trying to take my guns from me?
Good luck with that, and she better have a real good reason for being this stupid, or get out of the way.
Use this, but dont over do it, as you will come across as attacking her, and the sympathetics will say you are mean.
Discretly mention that she should be aware we have the right to bear arms, and maybe she needs to brush up on the law before she fires off her mouth!

Anonymous said...

I don't envy you, Rich. You have 3 wild opponents.

First, you have Jean who speaks on the radio EVERY day. Enough!!

Second, you have Andi who wants to ban everything.

Third, you have Ron who does nothing. He has not offered one piece of legislation. He lives at home with his Daddy and pays no taxes.

Your campaign takes a hit in the general election just because you are associated with these three.

Best of luck.

Jacob said...

I would like to see more proof of this incident.

Anonymous said...

She's such a numbskull! What an embarrassment...

Anonymous said...

That’s why I recommend getting a pistol permit and carrying a handgun. It’s concealed and does not draw unnecessary attention, and a concealed handgun won’t scare the hoplophobes. If you’re attacked by a two, or four legged animal, you are better able to defend yourself. Leave the BB gun at home; it’s not a self defense tool!

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


You are welcome to call Paul Kirby at the Daily Freeman. I have also quoted from her e-mail to the Daily Freeman.

Andi is now trying to limit the damage to her campaign by trying to say she just wanted to ban bb rifles. However, a video initially put on the Freeman web site (which has since been withdrawn) contradicts that assertion and confirms my statements.

Anonymous said...

Additionally, Andi really didn't do his homework on BB guns. He should read 15 USC 5001, code as of 01/06/2003, as you can not ban BB guns.

What a maroon, as Bugs would say.

Alan Chwick, Editor
Nassau County News Flash

Anonymous said...

The Daily Freeman NEEDS to print that article!! Voters need to know.

Andi, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your total lack of knowledge of the US Constitution. And they wonder why it's so hard for women involved in politics to be taken seriously! for the person who said that they would be p***** off if someone shot bb's at their dog. Hopefully you are a responsible pet owner and make sure that your animals don't potentially threaten my life or my dog's life, when we are out for a walk....

Anonymous said...

Kind of like your ignoring the law when it comes to same sex marriage.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Wrong. The law says the City of Kingston and other municipalities must issue marriage licenses.

It does not say that the Mayor must conduct a ceremony. A Mayor may refuse to conduct a ceremony for any reason.

I am Catholic and believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I cannot in good conscience perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple.

However, the City Clerk must issue licenses. That is the law.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

For those wondering about the post from "Nassau County News Flash", his citation of federal law is correct.

Under 15 USC 5001 (g) (2), no State may prohibit the sale (other than prohibiting the sale to minors) of traditional B–B, paint ball, or pellet-firing air guns that expel a projectile through the force of air pressure."

Anonymous said...

Back at 6:12PM: Yes, I am a responsible pet owner and treat my pets far better than many parents treat their children. I sympathize with you if you are threatened by a stray. You do have options to avoid the confrontation as habitually roaming animals can be picked up by the dog warden who will then take the animal to one of our kennels outside the City. We pay the boarding fees until it is claimed. Take another route or fence in your yard. The damage bb guns do to animals is not a pretty sight. Find out who the wandering animal belongs to and confront the owner. They will be fined for not restraining their pet.

Gary S said...

She just lost any vote imay have been considering

Gary S said...

She just lost my vote