Thursday, August 11, 2011

The First Debate -- the aftermath

I feel very good about my performance today. I felt I answered the questions directly and clearly. I felt like I won the debate though I must admit that Jean Jacobs did very well also.

Due to time constraints, we were unable to get to every question submitted. So, if anyone did not get their question answered at the debate, post it here and I will give you my answer.

Tentatively, WGHQ is working on a debate on August 30th at 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.. I am looking forward to this as well.

If you missed the debate at the Freeman, see the video replay below.

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Anonymous said...

You won easily Rich. Nice job. Wear your contacts next time instead of the glasses.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I wanted to wear my contacts. Unfortunately, I have a bad headache today. Wearing contacts would make it worse.

The next debate is on radio so I can wear my glasses and maybe even shorts!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, Andi sucked. You had her all messed up. I was laughing at the way you messed her up. Good show

Anonymous said...

What about the union contracts? Specifaclly the out of control firemen?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I do not know if I will get a chance to negotiate the contracts. If Mayor Sottile reaches a 4 year deal, then the contract will be outside my term.

I do want to see some changes in the contracts for Fire, Police, and CSEA. I think we can still pay our employees fair wages and provide them with proper benefits, but without bankrupting the taxpayers.

Some of the changes include the types of calls firemen will respond to, the formula used to determine the shifts for policemen, the numbers required in the manning clause, etc.

We have good people working for this city. The contracts have to be fair to them AND fair to the taxpayers.

I just hope I get a chance to negotiate the contracts.

Thanks for the question.

Anonymous said...

I saw the debate. No doubt you won. You should be the next Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I think today you proved Andi Turco Levin will not be mayor and will not be the Republican candidatefor mayor.horh

Anonymous said...

Agree or disagree with your policy beliefs or approach to issues that we face, there was no doubt as to the order of finish . . .
None of the above,
. . . . And Levin far behind.
As committed democrats we are all pulling for Levin.

Anonymous said...

You talked too much. You sounded like a know it all and at times you were condescending and rude.
Polacco has no business running for Mayor. Turco acted as if she was at a dinner party. Jean Jacobs did very well, too bad she has no chance.

Clement or Gallo will beat anyone of you.

Anonymous said...

You are the smartest candidate, but you come off as a bit combative. A little goes a long way in that department, you don't want to look like your bullying people.

Anonymous said...

You really did a great job. Yes, you were the one that shined. I must say the only one that really turned me off was Andi. I never have seen her or heard her speak, and today I found her to be annoying. (If it matters, I am a woman). I didn't get that gut feeling that she would be a honest person. Perhaps it is the real estate thing.
Your heart is and has always been in the right place. Someone with manners, values, loyalty, and desire. That surely would be a nice change for Kingston. A registered democrat.

Anonymous said...

Rich I agree with you on most items. I think you'd make a good mayor, and I might even vote for you. But, I think you are way off base in your police chief selection. Yes, John Schatzel does have alot of time in patrol, but Jerry Keller had over 20 years in patrol. Shatzel is "by the book", but so is Keller "by the book". Schatzel is a nice guy, but Keller is a nice guy. KPD does not need another Jerry Keller. KPD needs a strong leader that has the respect of the men. Sorry Rich, that is not John Schatzel. John Schatzel cannot make a decission as a lieutenant, he certainly will not make a decission as a chief. You're listening to the wrong people on this one Rich. Johns a nice guy, but hes not a chief.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


You are entitled to your opinion. I just hope I win the primaries so we can put your theories to the test.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Fair enough. I will work on that.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Do you have a recommendation??

Anonymous said...

after watching this video (a few minutes ago) I made this post on my FB~
Levin and Polacco started off great, as to where Jacobs and Cahill kinda gave the "I'm a loof" body Language. But when the real questions to answers came in..Jacobs has the dime down BUT seems to act like crime and public housing isnt an issue! Then Cahill pretty much had the solutions to our problems mapped out & in print years ago. Polacco & Turk really seemed stuck and stumbling for most of the debate.

So Mr Cahill as you did come out as a positive surprise to me today, you have my full attention and focus now.
My question for you would be:

Crime is in fact the crippling factor in Kingston's spiral downfall and is the concrete holding us down. The URGENT task force is one of the greatest/smartest decision to come about and it is one to be extremely proud of. Do you think having a URGENT type crime force "home base" at the Kings Inn site would have gang members and drug pushers rethinking there living locations?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I believe that a strong police presence will always drive down crime and criminals.

For example, there were serious complaints and problems on South Clinton Avenue. In response, the Police Chief increased patrols. Almost immediately, the number of incidents reduced.

One night, while managing a game at the Knothole League field, I saw one of the police cruisers drive over the to the basketball court on Barmann and South Clinton Avenues. No sooner did it arrive and 2 of the punks known to be causing the problems took off running away from the court. They did not return for the balance of the evening.

An increased police presence and a zero tolerance policy concerning crime are effective tools.

I believe that Kingston should begin efforts to find the necessary funding to build a police substation at the site of the King's Inn. A police substation in the heart of Mid-Town Kingston will send a strong message to gangs and criminals that Kingston means business.

However, this alone is not enough. I want to create a Street Crime Attack Team (SCAT). This will be a unit of officers patrolling the beat on foot in Mid-Town Kingston. It would be very similar to a former program that was very successful known as the Neighborhood Stabilization Unit.

I also want to explore the use of Gang Injunction Orders to make life as miserable as possible for gang members.

I further want to create a Crime Commission made up of representatives from Kingston Police, Sheriff's Office, URGENT, District Attorney's Office, State Police, Corporation Counsel's Office, and the Mayor. I believe some citizen involvement should be considered as well. A Commission is important to make sure our efforts against crime are coordinated and not inefficient.

I would also adopt a portion of a proposal made by Shayne Gallo to allow the commission to have significant involvement and membership from various agencies dealing with juvenile crime, which is a major problem.

Unlike others, I will not reject an idea simply because it is proposed by a political adversary. Shayne Gallo is an opponent in this election, but I respect him. His proposal has merit. I will include it in my plan to fight crime.

In summary, a thorough and comprehensive effort must be made against crime taking advantage of every avenue and taking into consideration all areas of crime. One proposal will not solve the crime problem, but a series of ideas and plans coordinated and woven together into an offensive and defensive strategy will win this battle.

I hope I have answered your question thoroughly. If I have not, please advise where more specificity is required and I will try to comply.

Anonymous said...

Rich, you did very well yesterday at the debate. You need to get out and go door to door and get your message out even more. People are paying attention to you right now, keep moving. You have good plan for the city.

Anonymous said...

A few things came out of that debate.

Jean Jacobs is a lot smarter and more prepared then I think people give her credit for. She clearly has a full understanding of the issues, however her approach to solving them was not apparent.

Andi Turco is all fluff and no substance. Empty suit. Very disappointed in her lack of firm answers. If there is a fence, you will find Andi sitting on it. It was if she didn't want to make anyone mad. If you have an opinion, let's hear it!

Polacco simply put, is an idiot who should be selling shoes or something.

Rich Cahill still spends too much time criticizing Sottile and his administration and his message gets lost in his whiny personalty.

As a Republican, I am afraid we have no chance again.

Anonymous said...

How do you justify permanently removing a valuable piece of commercial real estate from the tax roles?

The city previously assessed the property around one million. Shouldn't we try to recoup some of the money that we lost when the prior owner defaulted on his taxes?

Anonymous said...


You seem like a Democrat who had no intention of praising any of the Republicans. Cahill dominated this debate. He did not whine or offer significant criticism of Sottile.

He offered idea after idea, Cahill was the one with a plan. The others did not measure up.

Anonymous said...

7:55, there is a lot to whine about regarding the Sottile-Noble admin. This town is on the ropes as a result of thier poor leadership. Everywhere I go I hear people taliking negatively about Jim Sottile, why cant not Rich?

Anonymous said...

If Turco-Levin lost her papers, she'd really have a problem articulating anything! Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle-- if it's not written in her play book, she can't answer.
The most irritating habit/mannerism she has is her drawn-out, exasperated sigh when stuck for an answer. She seemed to be stuck for a lot of 'em!
She's just not prepared to discuss the issues. Her answer of choice seems to be that there are too many points to consider and it's all really about checks and balances.
Levin has a short fuse and can't cope. She seems to have a snarly side that's most unattractive.
I feel sorry for City Hall employees should she become mayor. She'll micromanage beyond endurance while the real problems facing the city will build up to impossible heights.
Cut her off at the pass! Dump her now! What was the Republican party thinking when they put her up as a candidate!

Anonymous said...

I watched the debate live from start to when you guys didn't even know the camera was still rolling.
Yes Andi, that carpet was pretty ugly. That was really the only thing you said that I could agree with.Wow what a little hot head she is when the fact that she has no idea what she's talking about is revealed.
You did a really good job Rich, I respected the fact that you didn't come with a canned speech and prepared notes, it shows you actually know whats going on and don't need someone to write it all down for you.
Palacco looked as though he was snickering a bit through most of the debate. He really didn't have anything new to bring to the table so I didn't really pay him much attention.
Jean Jacobs looked like she kept dozing off or texting. She had a few good points but she kept refering to what she has done in the past in the school system. I want to know what you do now that qualifies you to be mayor, not what you did ten years ago.
I think on the whole you came accross as honest and as having what this city needs to get out of this funk, an actual plan.
Oh and before the debate was edited we got to hear an interestng conversation between Mr. Kirby and Ms Jacobs. Very enlightening to hear Ms. Jacobs when she's not performing for the public. She actually had the nerve to talk badly about that woman from South Clinton Avenue. Saying where did THAT woman even come from, who does she think she is running for Alderman how dare she, then to go on and say that she knows of 10 things off the top of her head that are more important than kids.
YIKES that woman isn't even running for Mayor but it seems like Ms. Jacobs is pretty threatened by her. That made me want to take a closer look.
I found her on Facebook and not only is she nice to look at she has more balls than most men I know including me. I have to tell you Rich Republican or not you need to get in contact with this lady. No wonder she has Jacobs shaking in her shiny shoes.

KBR said...

Anonymous with 'URGENT Task Force comment")

Yes Mr Cahill you have answered my question. I couldn't agree MORE with you! These are the steps that need to be taken. These are the promises that need to be made to the community, this is what should have been one of the main, most important topics for the debate. (not gay marriages, or parking issues in uptown)

Kingston isn't the first city to encounter problems with youth, who turn to crime and gangs as a way of life & family. I did some research and not all problems need to be fixed with a dollar sign..The community should do its part as well to help save these kids and stop this vicous cycle of life.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard any canidate speak about new revenue. We lost money when the parking garage was torn down. We should be installing parking meters in all City lots.

Ralph Mitchell said...

Let's talk about Homestead vs. Business 2-tier taxing system in the City of Kingston. The only way to equalize these 2 tax rates is to drastically cut the Kingston budget. If any of the 7 candidates talk about equalizing Homestead and Business taxes, they should be challenged by asking them "What is the priority of drastic budget cuts that they propose?" My priority of budget cuts are 1) cut the Paid Fire Dept. the most, 2) cut the DPW duplicate management positions proposed by Rich Cahill, 3) do not cut the Police.

Anonymous said...

I agree, surprisingly, with all of ralph mitchell's cuts. Also, Hayes Clement is talking on the street about the Commercial and Homestead tax difference and you can bet, being his elitist self, he is leaning towards the businesses.

Anonymous said...


You did very well. I really liked it when you told Andi that there was no reason to shout and that she should take a breath.

Andi has been telling anyone who will listen that you can't control your temper. Yet, she was the one screaming and pounding the table. You were speaking softly and making your points.

Well done.

Anonymous said...


What do you think of all the signs Polacco has up? Are you concerned?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I have seen them. If this were a general election, I might be concerned. However, it is a Republican and Conservative Primary.

The overwhelming majority of his signs are on houses with no Republican or Conservative votes.

It is just an old political stunt. Put up signs throughout the area, even on houses where the people cannot vote for you, to give the illusion of big support.

There is an old political adage. "Signs do not vote!!"