Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time for Focus


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Hon. James Noble
Alderman at Large

Members of the Kingston Common Council

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Throughout the country, though particularly in the City of Kingston and County of Ulster, the weakened economy has had a devastating impact. Worse, the return of inflation has seen the costs of gasoline, food, and other basic necessities of life skyrocket. Many people are struggling to pay their bills while others are unable to find work. Still others are looking to leave, but find themselves unable to sell their homes.

During such difficult times, it is disheartening to see the Common Council focusing on matters such as cats, yard sales, and cigarettes. Though I am confident that the intentions of each Alderman presenting these items are genuine and sincere, I am equally confident that such matters are not currently of great priority to the vast majority of Kingston residents.

I am therefore respectfully requesting that the Common Council focus its priority on matters of city spending, taxes, crime, and the local economy. Having spoken with many voters, I can tell you that these are the issues on their minds.

I am also submitting a proposal for your consideration. With the people of Kingston tightening their belts to the point of breathlessness, it is time for the City of Kingston to do no less.

Therefore, I am proposing that the City of Kingston eliminate two (2) positions that I believe are superfluous and unnecessary. There is no need for two (2) Assistant Superintendents of the Department of Public Works. There are already positions in the budget to cover the responsibilities of these positions. Cutting both positions saves $144,841.00 based on the current 2011 budget, and likely more in 2012 depending on the contractual negotiations between CSEA and Mayor Sottile.

One of the Assistant Superintendents is primarily responsible for overseeing the pickup of trash. This is the job of the Trash Foreman. The other Assistant Superintendent is primarily responsible for the Sewer Treatment Plant. There are already two (2) Senior Plant Operators doing this job. I have genuine concerns about the need for a second Plant Manager, but certainly there is no need for an Assistant Superintendent doing the same work. Frankly, every job performed by the Department of Public Works is overseen by a Foreman. These Foremen can report directly to the Superintendent. There is no need for a middleman.

The people of Kingston have expressed concern over the pickup of trash, yard waste, and other recyclable items. Superintendent Schupp has stated repeatedly that he needs more laborers to get the job done. By cutting the two (2) unnecessary Assistant Superintendent positions, we will save at least $144,841.00, which will allow the Council to rehire or bring back two (2) of the previously laid off laborers with money left over to apply toward tax relief. The department will thus receive additional laborers and become more financially efficient, with additional money left over as savings for the taxpayers.

I respectfully request that my proposal be submitted to the Finance Committee or whichever committee is felt appropriate by Alderman at Large Noble. I thank you for your time and consideration.


Richard T. Cahill Jr.


Anonymous said...

This makes good sense.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Thank you.

Anonymous said...'s a start but DPW needs so much more.
There is no substitute for actual study of how to achieve efficiencies. That should be done over each of four seasons, as the tasks change over that period of time. This can be done in-house;no consultant is needed. The results of that should be compiled and delivered to an actual long term solution to achieve efficiencies in DPW.
These issues SHOULD have been tackled long before the economics became so tight. It is high time someone does this work, because despite the nice sounds of easy answers, nothing achieves actual efficiencies long needed in DPW without such a process.

McGovern-Shriver '72 said...


Do the two Republican Alderman know how to draft legislation? Come on Rich? Do not care if there is one member or two members of the minority if one does a little bit of homework it is not that hard. Take a stand if I was the only Democrat on the Council I would stand by my beliefs. As other people have.

McGovern Shriver '72 said...

Also Rich in speaking of crime is that why the two GOP Members voted against life saving police equipment?

Can anyone say amendments?

Anonymous said...

The people? Where have you been to speak to them? You are no where to be found. Nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet that Noble will ignore the letter and put it into the circular file. If they haven't figured this out by now on their own than it is definitely time for them to go quietly into the goodnight. We need a better leadership and perhaps it is your time?

Anonymous said...

Steve Gorsline had over 100 employees under him with 2 assistants. Jay Hogan had over 120employees under him and only one asst. until his bowling partner needed a job. Charlie Cole had even more employees under him and no assistants.

Schupp has less than 70 employees, 2 assistant supers, 2 senior plant operators and 4 foremen. Plus 2 administrative assistants,a senior clerk and full time safety officer.

He received a $5,000.00 a year raise when hired plus at least 7% increase in contractual raises. He even has a consultant at 75K a year overseeing the wastewater treatment plant.


Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I have been to dinners, events, festivals, etc. I have talked to thousands of people and intend to keep doing so.

Obviously, I have not seen you yet, but I will. I intend to wear out several pairs of shoes in this campaign. I intend to rely on shoe leather and not phone calls this time around.

Anonymous said...

6:43 Quick math has Scupp needing over a half a million dollars in support staff. Why did the council cut laborers and leave management alone?

Anonymous said...

Rich, the election is about more then the DPW. you offered your plan for comm. development but that was the same old b.s. from years gone by. what can Cahill do for all Kingston not just a few union people? sure hope you respond to this.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Actually, the portion of my plan dealing with replacing the Economic Development Office was both old and new. I previously recommended eliminating the office, but the replacement suggestions are new.

Also, any portion of the plan that may have been mentioned during the last campaign will be mentioned again for two reasons.

First, I still think they are good ideas.

Second, as I have said previously, I did not do a good job last time bringing our my positions. I intend to this time.

Lastly, you are correct that there is more than DPW. I have plans for the other departments as well. Moreover, I have additional proposals for economic development as well. They will be released throughout the campaign.

In fact, the next proposal should be released in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

They still will not pick up the trash sitting on their butts in local poly-tricks. "The real eyesore"!!

Anonymous said...

DPW tells us residents of the city to put our recyclables out every other week. Well ,apparantly, THEY don't know when that is. I live on Emerick street, and our whole street doesn't get picked up for up to three weeks! If there are that many people "supervising" DPW, than someone should make sure our recyclables get picked up.
I notice their is NO problem when it comes to RAISING our taxes-EVERY YEAR! Rich I know you will straighten this mess out ,because you did a great job as our alderman.

Anonymous said...

What about eliminating the two recently fabricated positions for the Evironmental Educators under Sottile's family plan - did you vote for these when you were on Council?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I did not vote for that.