Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clement Defeats Gallo By Surprisingly Wide Margin

Earlier this evening, Hayes Clement defeated Shayne Gallo for the Democratic nomination 31 to 16. While it is not surprising as to who won, the 2 to 1 margin is astounding.


joe frank said...

you know the saying..

...fool me once shame on you [meaning TR as a Mayor]

...fool me twice [shayne as mayor] shame on me.

I think people have had enough of the Gallo legion.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Not being a Democrat and not having attended the convention, I have no idea what the motivating factors were.

Anonymous said...

Clement worked his butt off and is widely liked and respected, despite the garbage Blaber & Co. try to spread. THOSE are the motivating factors.

Anonymous said...

The blabes hasnt even found the time to post about his favorite player not getting the nod by the dems...
Rich the field is wide open, start tell the people your plan, and show them where you can save money and eliminate uneeded positions, they will follow you if the message is strong and insightful.
Union contracts need attention, crime needs to be fought harder, and we need more from the emloyees to be successful.
Go get em, the last few GOP'ers around here need you.
The message needs to be one of strength, vision and leadership, not about what the others didnt or cant do.
Get up on your box and spread the word, this city is waiting for a leader to show up, and I am busy...lol

Anonymous said...

5:24 is right. You need to take the high road, Rich, and let Gallo and Clement fight each other.

Make no mistake about it, Gallo and Clement are going to get down and dirty.

Anonymous said...

Clements camp has fired the first shot. Blaming Gallo for the lawsuits going forward. Not just the DPW, but the fire department as well. Both are to blame and neither is qualified to be Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I expect Gallo and his cronies to get dirty, but I don't expect Hayes. He's got a good group of people with a few shady exceptions. Clement has vowed to keep it clean, and I think he'll stick to it. Gallo's going to do his best to split the party. Len Bernardo is pushing Gallo to keep going with a primary and if he loses it, Len wants him to stick on the 3rd party lines and split the vote! Go Len Go!

Anonymous said...

Rich the biggest question I have is how are they going to fix DPW?

You are the only canidate that has come up with a plan to get more laborers on the street.

Yardwaste is stinking up the City. Schupps plan of picking up YW twice a month is a failure. Same with recycling.

DPW is too top heavy. When Schupp let 14 laborers go then he complains he doesn't have enough help. Send him back to Highland.

Anonymous said...

People always want to go after the kingston city union workers. These people are dedicated to this city and should be left along. Stop treating them like criminals all the time. They didnt get us into this mess the bankers and politicians did. There needs to be new ideas on how to raise money for the city. Stop making it impossible for people to build in the city. Do we really need the A,B,C line for bus service. Maybe only have 2 buses running and rotate every hr what route it takes. This could cut back on one bus. If you look on these bus's theres not alot of people riding them. Maybe put meters in the parking lot uptown were te parking garage used to be. During the day people can pay something to park there. Its not gong to drive shoppers away from uptown because they have to pay 50 cents to park.

Anonymous said...

7:33, it is not the union workers that are the problem, it is the leadership coming from a guy that lives as far away as Highland (Mike Schupp) that is the problem. Now we have ANOTHER CAVE-IN on Washington ave. where Schupp had crews work THREE TIMES ALREADY yet the problem isnt fixed. The workers do what they are told and the boss (Schupp and his "assistants') call the shots. Lets face it people, Schupp is not that good and the sooner we come to that realization and address his contract the better we will be as a community. Chalk it up to lesson learned with hiring some dude from Highland that mowed grass for a living for years and was put in by an unstable Mayor.