Saturday, May 14, 2011

Republican County Chair Resigns

Late last night, Robin Yess resigned her position as County Chair effective immediately. The announcement was made via e-mail.

Two things jump out at me. First, within 30 minutes of the release of the e-mail, copies were given to a Democrat blogger and a local news service. The e-mail was sent to the Town and City Chairmen and the Republican Legislators. It is disturbing to me that this information was made public barely after the ink dried on the letter.

Second, I found Robin's resignation letter to be unfortunate and unprofessional. There was no reason to attack the party and call people names. If she wished to resign, which was her privilege, she should have simply announced the resignation and thanked her supporters for the opportunity. By writing the letter (e-mail) in an aggressive and hostile manner, it only provides fodder for the party's adversaries and does nothing to aide or assist Holley Carnright and the candidates for the County Legislature.


Anonymous said...

I dont blame her.

She was having the rug pulled out from underneath her since she 1st was elected.

Some "men" cant handle a strong woman.

She had good ideas to bring the GOP into the 21st Century after Mario got us back on our feet after the Savago fiasco of recent years.
Woulda liked to have seen some of her fledgiling initiatives take shape.
Oh well.
Stay Tuned, Film @ 11.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I can understand her resigning under the circumstances. What I have a problem with is the way she resigned, i.e. the tenure of the letter.

Her letter did not help the situation and likely exacerbated it.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


The reasons why some people had problems with Robin had nothing to do with her gender.

joe frank said...

Some within the Party said that she divided more than she united. The Chair needs to be the top cheerleader, leading the organization. When members of an organization don't follow the mission or the principals of the organization their actions need to be corrected. Robin tried to do just that including using letters to the Editor, etc.. People resented it and that is a shame.

Republicans are about less government and regulation, among other important values as well.

If members of the Party are finding that they do not believe the principals suit their needs any longer, then they ought to leave.

Anonymous said...

These people are just spewing the Blaber a.k.a. the Hein talking points. Thy should get their opinions from smarter people than those two.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is good at befriending people, he can be very likeable. He will cut your throat as fast as he would shake your hand. He is no friend to Republicans.