Sunday, May 22, 2011

Knothole League Underway

The 2011 season of the Metropolitan Knothole League started today. In the opening game, the Apache defeated the Mohawk 20-10.

The Knothole League is now in its 53rd year. They are an unaffiliated Little League playing all games on Greenkill Avenue in Kingston. To my knowledge, they are the only baseball league in the area that does not charge kids for playing. (Affiliated leagues must charge because they have to pay certain fees for the affiliation.) Though the league only runs for a little over two months a year, it is a great deal of fun and helps to provide organized activities for the kids.

This is my 4th year volunteering for the league with the first as an umpire and the last three as a manager. Today was interesting because I managed the Mohawk my first year and now am in my second year as manager of the Apache.


Tims Auto said...

good luck to all the participants this year

Anonymous said...

what are the ages for this league.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


8-13 may play (13 may not pitch)

There is also T-ball for 5-7

Anonymous said...

Thank You.