Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Guess I Haven't Lost My Touch

I publish an article criticizing the Freeman for not publishing the Sheriff's press release from some time ago expressing his opposition to the sanctuary city.

What happens?  Within 48 hours, they publish it, though they make it seem like the Sheriff approves.  You have to read 3/4 of the article before it becomes clear that he opposes it.

Glad I still have an effect with my blog, though the Freeman will of course deny it. We all know better though.


Anonymous said...

you are correct in your statement of the Daily Freeman's hidden agenda. The way they write or cover situations always has a certain skew to it. What happen to their creed of objectively reporting the news without an opinion piece attached somewhere in the body of the report.

Anonymous said...

Just read article on Sheriff's opinion on sanctuary city. you are definitely correct as they waited until the very end to clarfiy his stance. trying to lessen the consequences if city is declared sanctuary..memorializing resolution just to ease people's concerns. a feel good legislation..typical Freeman. if you are here legally have nothing to worry about. illegally..not so much.

I had previously read Middle town record article..much more professional and truth in the reporting. Not slanted.

kerfuffle said...

The Freeman slant comes from Tony Adamis, who is running that ship of fools right now. He has been there for many years, and outlasted the late great Ira Fusfeld. Yes I am kidding Ira was not really great, he was cut of the same cloth as commandante Adamis. People who are tired of corruption and all the other business as usual in Kingston, need to realize how much the Freeman contributes to pervasive long-term problems in the city. The Freeman slants news, covers up scandals, and biases elections. All within the thin overpriced pages of an otherwise lousy newspaper, filled with mostly AP wire stories. As wise folks sometimes say, the fish rots from the head down, look to Tony Adamis for where this ugly tone germinates. Snakes don’t reveal themselves willingly, they must be routed out.