Monday, January 2, 2017

Daily Freeman -- Your Bias is Showing

Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I expect my local paper to be print both sides of a debate and allow the readers to decide for themselves.  Unfortunately, it appears the Daily Freeman does not support this idea.

Just before Christmas, the Freeman posted a story about how Kingston Police Chief Tinti supports the Sanctuary City resolution.  However, they have refused to print the story picked up by the Middletown Record announcing that the chief law enforcement officer in Ulster County, our Sheriff, has come out strongly against the proposal.

Why would you post the Police Chief being in favor, but ignore the Sheriff being against it?  The left wing bias of the Daily Freeman is showing badly.


Anonymous said...

and why are we not surprised?? Most media is towards the left. Obviously they don't want a discussion but are willing to give a brow beating to anything or anybody they consider "racist" which has now become the most over used and boring word for anytime they disagree with someone from the right.

They didn't learn anything from the Trump election. Not nice to ignore the "silent majority" and they are just starting to flex their muscles. Pay attention Daily Freeman. If they think their readership/subscriptions are down and are struggling they need to start recognizing other opinions and report on ALL issues and events. Lets stop the division of residents and give equal consideration to all without a "filter" from the media.

kerfuffle said...

The Kingston Daily Peasant, as I like to call them, goes far beyond a simple left-wing bias. They actively and consistently work long-term to manipulate the outcome of local elections. Take a look at how Shayne Gallo, the former mayor, was treated from day one, compared to his replacement, Steve Noble. Gallo was trashed at every opportunity, and when he wasn’t being outright smeared, there was still a negative tone, a little nuanced dig, in everything they wrote about him. A perfect example is the Jeremy Blaber secret recording, so-called scandal, which made the front page. Compare that to the Matthew Brownlee perversion case, embargoed for nine days.

The slant of the Daily Peasant, combined with ascurrilous whisper campaign conducted by City Hall turncoats, resulted, or at least greatly assisted, with Gallo’s defeat.

Now take a look at the Steve Noble double-dipping scandal, which the Daily Peasant didn’t even bother publishing at all. As a Parks & Recreation employee responsible for city grants, Steve Noble ripped off New York State by fraudulently certifying in-kind requirements. He fudged the numbers so badly that the .end result was mathematically impossible, representing about 150% of his actual on-duty time. Economic Development dietor Gregg Swanzey called Noble out with a report, but the Freeman simply ignored it. This, despite Noble’s outright lies and political deflection. Noble should have been fired then & there -- and would have been terminated has Gallo won the election. Six figure sums were defrauded from the state here, a heinous situation where one municipality steals from another.

The Daily Peasant also helped cover-up the ongoing ethics scandal in Kingston, where Steve Noble, in collusion with the two city attorneys, obstructed justice s many times that the city is now subject to Racketeering statutes. Freeman editor Tony Adamis not only ignored the glaring fact that the new ethivs board willfully neglected to interview the old ethics chairwoman to determine the truth -- but Adamis actually filed complaints to another news organization for covering the matter properly, and issued financial threats (extortion). It is here where we can see quite plainly that Adamis is in direct collusion with city corruption, on an alarming scale.

If you want to know why Kingston has been corrupt for decades, look beyond the politicians who come and go from time to time. A handful of editors and honchos at the Daily Peasant are ultimately responsible for skewing the truth, and obfuscating reality, on a generational basis, to keep local ugliness intact. And this will continue, until people wake up, and start writing to the parent company,
Steve Rossi (CEO & President)
Digital First Media
101 W. Colfax Ave. 11th Floor
80202-5177 Denver

Anonymous said...

The Freeman (and for that matter the Kingston Times as well) appear to be participating in a press release pass along agreement with Steve Noble. These lazy reporters apparently have traded their journalistic integrity for pre-written news stories.

In the meantime due to this conspiracy their readers, and most importantly, the taxpaying public may never learn of the abject corruption which coerces through the veins of Mayor Noble's administration.


Anonymous said...

Megan Weiss-Rowe issues a press release every time green jeans mayor noble sneezes.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Freeman coverage of the Sanctuary City Resolution was horrible. Their connection kept dropping. As I waited for the Sanctuary City Resolution to come up for vote I heard another concerning resolution. The Commin Council has named the Daily Freeman as the official newspaper of the City of Kingston. Why is this a Resolution? Does the Common Council have a real function?

Anonymous said...

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