Saturday, September 5, 2015

More Information on Grant Scandal

A mailing was sent out a few days ago by Shayne Gallo containing detailed information about the various problems with grants caused by Steve Noble.  This letter also absolutely destroys the assertions of Jim Sottile in his recent letter to the editor.

Jim tried to give Steve Noble credit for 16 grants.  It turns out that 9 of these grants were solely during the tenure of Steve FINKEL, not Steve Noble.  Other grants were also not Steve Noble, but were actually by either former Congressman Hinchey, School district, CDBG, etc.  Some of these were: Walkway along the Rondout Creek; Kirkland Hotel; Treatment Plant upgrades; new parking lot for Trolley Museum; Carnegie Library; Wilbur Avenue Pump Station; Wilbur Avenue siphon line; and, sewer work on at least 11 streets.

Several other grants are in jeopardy: NYS Watershed Mangement, NYS Estuary Grant, Ulster County Youth Bureau, Kinderland, etc.

Some more interesting facts were brought forth as well.

a)  The city will not be reimbursed over $90,000.00 on the Recycling grant due to insufficient time demonstrated by Noble as required by the terms of the grant;

b)  Apparently, Noble promised 50% of his work hours for a work year for three years for three different grants covering the same time period.  The grants were Recycling Education Coordinator, Zoo grant, and Youth Bureau.  Thank about this, one cannot promise and deliver 150% of time during the same period of time.  One can only donate 100% of the time.  To offer more than 100% begs the question of double dipping or repeat reporting of the same time,

c)  There have been misrepresentations apparently made by Steve Noble concerning the Fishing Pier.  It seems that Steve Noble certified in writing in December 2014 that the pier: (1) was finished; (2) was in the City of Kingston; (3) was ADA compliant and handicap accessible; and, (4) would be installed in the Rondout in May 2015.

All 4 of these things are NOT true.  It is not finished.  It is not in Kingston.  It is not  ADA compliant and/or handicap accessible.  May 2015 has passed and it is not installed.

At the recent debate, Noble stated that the pier is finished and being delivered.  This is false and he knew it was false at the time of the debate.  He was advised of all of this information in an email 5 days before the debate.   He intentionally and deliberately lied.

These are all very concerning.  Lies, mistakes, and distortions on grant applications?  Blatant lies during a debate?


At this stage, it becomes clear that voting for Steve Noble would be a colossal mistake.  The next Mayor must be either Gallo or Polacco.  Noble was convinced to run by Democrats (Anti Gallocrats) who just plain hate Shayne Gallo, i.e. Hoffay, Landi, Will, Dunn, both Donaldsons, Blaber, Madsen, etc.  In my opinion, he is being used by the Anti Gallocrats.  He may very well be a real nice guy.  (I don't know him personally). He is not ready for the big chair and is being used.

If Noble wins, you can expect Hoffay to be City Clerk.  Blaber, Madsen, and Fuentes will be immediately rehired.  The city will be run not by the Mayor or the Council, but by a handful of party elites who are so far to the left they make Obama seem conservative.

Get out and Vote on 9/10.


kerfuffle said...

This is kind of scary, like we're being invaded by Russians, but they're not wearing babushka hats, so they appear just like Kingstonites. You forgot to mention the Fifth Column in this plot to overturn our Way of Life, and that's the Kingston Freeman, whose editorial staff downplays every Noble/Blaber scandal, and negatively spins all things Gallo. It should be noted there is a protest against the Freeman scheduled for 3pm Tuesday, by members of the Black community. The whole big picture in this city is just so bizarre.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know why Rebecca Martin ran away from Noble's campaign! She was running the show in the beginning, and now she's gone. The rumor is she couldn't stand Steve when they were both on the KLT so I guess it's no surprise she bailed before the election. The thought of Hoffay, Fuentes & Blaber (and probably Pat Strong, because that's who has taken Rebecca's place in the campaign) all working in City Hall is just downright frightening. How sad for our city if that were to happen.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rebecca realized a burst of temper isn't as bad as putting someone as Mayor, with no background in business or governing is worse.

Anonymous said...

Knot only Steve should apologize to the voters of Kingston but the freeman should apologize also they new all about this on Tuesday. get Tony D.

Anonymous said...

I believe she lives on West Chester Street and there is a house with quite a few Noble signs and one for Jennifer Schwartz Berky who is not even running in that district. So I think 9:12 you might be passing along a rumor. I do remembering hearing that it was Steve Noble who pushed her out of the Kingston Land Trust.
Steve Noble should know that if he loses the primary he is more than likely going to lose his fulltime status at City Hall. His job is based on grants and if they are not coming in ..oh well.... same probably for his wife. (cue the theme for Law and Order)

Anonymous said...

Voters who are eligible to participate in this Thursday's Primary should educate themselves. They should know that a vote for Noble will be a disaster. He is not capable of running the City and he knows it. He has promised a long list of people jobs who are chomping at the bit to take control of City Hall. In so doing, it will cost millions for what Noble has promised in his "OneKingston" campaign. It's been nothing more than lies and fraud. On the other hand, voting for Gallo is the only choice because he has promised to move the City forward and we are. He has worked hard these last four years to make Kingston a better place to live and raise a family. He has balanced budgets and ratified 3 contracts that the former administration tossed aside--all without raising taxes. Gallo is the only choice for Mayor. Vote for experience and leadership--Team Gallo/Provenzano!!!

Anonymous said...

Martin just posted a blistering comment against Gallo on her facebook page. so I think she is still on board with Stevie "wonder" Boy. Yuk! One would think she would be on the Gallo side since he is focused on the Arts making and keeping a presence in the City of Kingston. And with her being a performer it is odd that she is not supportive of that Commission. Tough to be blinded by such hatred against the current administration that one cannot see straight. If one recalls she had issues with the past administration as well.

Anonymous said...

It's almost like there are more issues at play than just "the arts."