Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chaos in Saugerties Legislative Race.

It seemed the race was over.  A republican forced an OTB and while he and the endorsed Republican split the vote, Democrat Chris Allen won the OTB and took the line.  This left just Angie Minew on the Con and Reform lines.

Looked over until yesterday.

Several news sources report that the State Police are investigating allegations that Allen assaulted a teacher in the presence of her students.

The teacher, a member of a well known and respected Saugerties family, says that Allen grabbed her ID tag hanging from her neck and pulled her causing a 3 inch cut on the back of her neck.

Allen admits an argument though he asserts that he was an absolute gentlemen.  He says he gently touched the ID but denies pulling it.  Allen claims it is a Republican conspiracy against him.

Two questions.  First, if Allen did nothing wrong, why do witnesses say Allen was name dropping when the Police arrived?

Second, there is a picture of a nasty cut on the woman's neck on the Freeman web site.  What caused that?

Are we to believe this lady lacerated her own neck as part of the plot??

The photo of the cut seriously undermines Allen's version of events.

Perhaps the Dems and the Reps should be asking this man to step down.  This kind of behavior is just not acceptable.




I was joking when I said that Allen would accuse the victim of cutting herself.  However, the Freeman has amended its story.  It seems that Legislator Allen has now formally accused the teacher of cutting herself as part of the plot.

Based on that, I conclude that Mr. Allen is either stupid, crazy, or both.  Accusing this lady of cutting herself is beyond farfetched.  It is assinine.

Both the Reps and Dems should condemn this man publicly.


Anonymous said...

From what I read this happened in Green County. Chris Allen is a legislator in Ulster County. Kind of out of his jurisdiction to become an enforcer... either way he had no right confronting the school teacher. If he was seriously concerned he should have dialed 911 and let the law sort it out.

Anonymous said...

Democrats in Ulster County are completely amoral. They care about their political agenda and nothing more. That is why they will not force this self-absorbed, misogynistic narcissist to resign as they should. And the Republicans lack the testicular fortitude to hit the Democrats with the force and continuous consistency required to make them do the right thing. It's no wonder NY is nothing but a Liberal cesspool these days.

Anonymous said...

I was struck that the witness to the event is one of the leaders of the Catskill Mountain Railroad. Allen is one of the majority of Legislators who have not fallen in lock step with them. That seems like a very odd coincidence

Anonymous said...

Another CSEA endorsed candidate with anger issues.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on printing something straightforward and honest devoid of political ideology.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Huh?? You been drinking?? What a silly comment. The lady had a gash on her neck. That's called proof.